Techno Times: Our Gadget Wishlist for 2016


Evolution and technology go hand in hand. Every year shows new, brilliant technological milestones and yet there’s always something to look forward to. Every now and then there are new gadgets being invented, people are keep on innovating cool inventions and keep on thinking on creating new stuffs that will make life easier. We can’t tell you what the world will look like in ten years, but this year’s awesome innovations promise a bright future. Take a look at all the tech on our gadget wishlist for 2016.

Oombrella Ever lost your umbrella in the monsoons? Launching this week on Kickstarter, Oombrella is a smart and bright umbrella that informs you about the rain 30 minutes ahead and send you a text via the inbuilt GPS if you forget your it anywhere. Designed by the French company Wezzoo, this is a handy gadget, soon to be available in compact-sizes.INR 4400 onwards.

Speck VR Imagine turning your smartphone, such as an iPhone 12 Refurbished, into Virtual Reality! To put it simply, Speck VR is a phone case that doubles up as a virtual reality headset. The sleek, portable design bring together the best of virtual and augmented reality and is one of the year’s must-have gadgets.

After all, who doesn’t want a phone cover which turn into a private space at a mere flick. Play those games all day! INR 4690 approx. Check out some sites like for a good headset to experience a fantastic sound.

Sensorwake Due in November, Sensorwake is the ultimate solution for late risers. Not your regular cry-out-loud alarm clock, this one wakes you up with coffee! Well, sort of. Sensorwake releases pleasant aroma—in seven varieties, like coffee or croissant instead of an alarm. The scent is disseminated for three minutes and if the creators are to be believed, you will be up in two. INR 7300 (approx.) approx.

Mira Vivid Wellness Collection Since its launch, Mira has become a staple for fashionable fitness junkies. Following a series of wellness gadgets, the brand has now announced a range of minimalist, fitness jewels. The Mira Vivid Wellness Bracelet and Pendants monitor steps, distance, calories and elevation while the brand app sends you motivational messages to keep up the tempo. Available in two colours, this is a stunning accessory for formal and casual ensembles. INR 11,300 (approx.) onwards.

Lumo Run Among countless apps to monitor heart rate and distance, Lumo Run takes fitness tracking to another level. Available for men and women, the Smart Shorts measure hip and pelvis movement to give you a better insight on how your body moves while running. Special sensors inserted in the shorts offer audio coaching to improve posture and performance, and prevent injuries. A sure essential for runners. INR 9900 (approx.) onwards.

The best tech innovations change life for the better. From waking up early to running faster, little wonder these amazing gizmos top our gadget wishlist for the year ahead.

Images: Lumo; Mira; Oombrella; Sensorwake; Speck VR

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