How to groom your beard like a Pro

The trend of having a well sleek beard is all we wish for but sadly nobody teaches you how to grow the perfect beard. We are here to give some beard lessons to get a better shape and well-groomed appearance. 

 Guys are mostly on their own when it comes to growing out a beard. No excuse for your genes or hair quality, we know the natural growth of a beard is different for everyone but how you keep your grooming game on a point will lead to embracing yourself a little more. Not to forget women love a well-groomed beard and it makes you look more civil and clean.

Here are few straightforward times to follow at home 

 Keeping your facial hair in check 

Deciding how you want your appearance as a beard is probably the first thing you will notice. Clean shave, well-trimmed, super short, or full-grown. Whatever style you pick, keep the structure well maintained. Use the beard comb to detangle the beard and the mustache. For maintaining your mustache use facial hair scissors.

Trimming based on your style 

One can play a lot with beard shape, but the most flattering way is by leaving the hairs a little longer near the chin area and as you move keep it shorter on the sides of your face. Always trim when your beard is dry since this is how it’s going to look later on. Once you are done with the first type of shaping, it is important to trim your beard regularly, it could be as simple as a touch-up 2-3 times a week.

*Pro-tip: Unsure of your beard length, the safest way is to start with a higher guard head, and work your way down. When using a trimmer use the number 3 setting at the temples when you reach the goatee area use 4 or 5 sets. For the mustache keep it as short as the hair on your cheeks and temples.

Keep It Clean and Soft

No one likes a dry, dirty beard so keep it clean. There are special beard shampoo and conditioners to suit your face skin as you know it is different from your scalp.

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Define Your Neckline

Trimming the neckline can be tricky and take care not to trim too close to the jawbone. It might give you a double chin, even if you don’t have one. give it a swift flow till the end as it shows that you’re serious about this beard grooming thing. The neckline is pretty straightforward: Take two fingers and place them above your Adam’s apple and then connect to the back of your ear.

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Selecting the right trimmer

The market is full of trimmers, but while selecting pick the one that has a built-in vacuum. It collects up stray hairs and ends up saving a lot of time.

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After the right shave 

Your face is the biggest asset and it is the first thing that we look at. Carrying a beard look doesn’t mean you can give up on your face. In fact, it needs more attention. A basic routine includes cleansing the face twice daily with a gentle face wash and beard oiling followed by a light moisturizer. The beard oil will get down to the root and prevent dry skin and ingrown hairs.

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