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You know the feeling when you notice something peculiar…you’re about to go out for dinner and you have this sense of deja vu, as your man comes out dressed in that same ratty shirt and corduroy pants you’ve seen a hundred times. While the fashion faux pas might be different in each case, most men couldn’t really be bothered to be fashion forward. It’s not easy to break old patterns, so here are a few tips ladies to get your man some style…


Don’t compare

However style challenged your man may be, he still wants to know he’s unique and appreciated. Comparing his fashion decisions with other men will not make him respond positively to any suggestion. Complimenting how another man looks will only make him think you’re interested in someone else. So unless its Daniel Craig’s suits in a bond film, best not to gush over anyone else style choices. He will not get the hint.



Gift him an upgraded favorite

Most men have predictable staples in their wardrobe. Jeans, white shirts, grey T-shirts or maybe a blue button down…are all good places to start for an upgrade. Choose a stylish version of one these old favorites, from any high street brand and gift it to your man. He wont hesitate to try it out and soon he’ll appreciate the better quality and fit. Get him used to stylish and well made versions, of the classics and he will start being open to trying new things from those brands. Also he’ll trust your choices more once he starts wearing wh


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Focus on fit

Men tend to have a ‘bigger is better’ approach, to choosing sizes. They tend to always buy one or two sizes too big. Getting the sizing right can be a deal maker on how stylish a man looks. Something simple like a white shirt and beige chinos, on the same man in two different sizes can make or break, his look. For shirts the one important measurement to get right is the shoulder. A droopy or tight shoulder will not be flattering. For trousers, although the waist size is important, its also a good idea to check the hip measurement as well. A loose hip on a pair of pants will give a saggy worn out look to even a new piece.


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Acknowledgment goes a long way

Small compliments go a long way in building your partner’s confidence both in himself and you. Everyone gets some part of their wardrobe right. Maybe he dresses well for work, or has that sexy leather jacket for night outs or even that crisp silk kurta for special occasions. Acknowledge what works and he’ll be more open for feedback on what doesn’t. A little ego boost never hurt anyone.


Accessories can be his new best friend

Even if your partner isn’t open to you shopping for his clothes, he might be open to trying new accessories. Getting accessories right can really elevate a boring outfit. Some well made shoes or a handcrafted belt or maybe even a silk tie can add some Oomph to a frumpy outfit. Invest well in these as they can be worn repeatedly with many outfits.


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In Conclusion…

Finally remember try and make the process of being stylish fun for both of you. You could also ask your partner for feedback on your own style. What he says may surprise you and lead to an exchange of ideas. Be open and have a sense of humour about it, so it doesn’t become a source of stress for you both. Go ahead… be stylish!


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