Workwear Essentials: Work Hard, Dress Smart

Research (and experience) proves that your attire plays a significant role in building a positive professional image. However, dressing for work can be complex unless you have a planned closet filled with the right workwear essentials. Fit, colour, pattern, accessories and other sartorial elements play a crucial part in nailing the dapper professional look.

While traditional workplaces such banks and educational institutions call for sober colours and subtle prints, you can let your style shine through with eye-catching accessories. When it comes to alternate careers, there are few restrictions as long as you aren’t dressed more casually than your client.

To steer you in the right direction, we’ve created ensembles for varied professions highlighting the essentials required to keep the look on point.

Keep in mind that the key to being well dressed lies in selecting outfits that are in sync with the nature of your profession, clients and work environment while staying true to your personality.

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Photographs: Vasanth Paul | Wardrobe & Model: Shrijith Sreekumar | Style Direction: Anamika Chanda

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