Best Festive Vibe Gift Ideas for Diwali

The Festival of Lights is almost everyone’s favorite festival. It is celebrated as a national holiday in India and many other countries. People living in the western world even go to Diwali parties to meet and celebrate this auspicious festival with amazing Indian dishes, firecrackers, and Colorful lights.

Diwali word is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “row of lights.” Indeed Diwali brings light and hope into our life. To celebrate light triumphing over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance is what it truly means. People give each other gifts, share meals and enjoy spending time with friends and family. 

Today we have come up with some of the most memorable Diwali-appropriate gift ideas. 

Coin as Token of Love 

Silver coin

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Staying with the most traditional and auspicious gift known to be given during Diwali is a silver coin with Ganesha and Lakshmi idols craved on it.

Desi’s Love for Chai

Premiun green tea gift box

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If your guest is a chai lover. We have come up with pretty personalized tea leaf options. It is available in a variety of sizes and your choice of packaging to suit your recipient’s style. This will give your chai drinker guest an amazing experience to explore new options. They will always remember you for the gift and you can carry pride in introducing more people to chai. Big thanks to our team for achieving this especially when you hear the guests’ feedbacks about it, according to our creative team, they seek professional help online like getting in touch with bigger companies like Printron that will really be utilized for our growth and brainstorm everything that they had learned and had come up with that idea.

Coaster Set for Serving Drinks 

Quirky bark coasters

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No matter what drinks you are serving. Its presentation is what matters most. Whether you are serving chai, soft drinks, or any other beverage. An adorable set of handmade coasters can enhance the beauty. Choose from several styles. Ceramic, resin, clay, or hand-painted coasters are in trend these days. Select your favorite style or if you like DIY ideas then painted a wooden coaster with some text to add an ultra-personalized present.

Some Essence to Remember 

Bombay sweet shop chocolate butterscotch candle

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You can never go wrong with handmade scented candles. An instant mood uplifter that will also add arm tone to your guest room. We would suggest giving some refreshing smells like sandalwood, vanilla, or chocolate.

For Guest’s Sweet Tooth 

Assorted Diwali mithai

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Satisfy their sweet tooth with this box of delicious Indian sweets. Call it cliche but we know this will always work. An ideal gift especially for families having kids. They will love the delightful assortment of different sweets like Laddus, son papdi, and Mysore Pak, etc.

Puja Thali Set

Pooja thali set

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Perfect for new couples or families who loves to do religious ceremonies more often. It is auspicious during this festive season to gif pure brass Pooja Thali. You can add several accessories such as a small bell, kalash, diyas and aarti book to make it the best thoughtful housewarming gift.

Hope with the above presents you will make your guest feel special and they will always cherish your meaningful tokens of love and appreciation.

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