Creative Festive Decoration Ideas For Diwali

Diwali is one such festival that is popular all across the globe. This widely celebrated festival stretches to Singapore, Fiji, and Suriname. The way of celebration may differ but the one thing that unites this festival is the decoration of houses with diyas and light everywhere.

Beautiful Deepavali decorations are a huge part of the celebration. Today we are here with some easy decoration ideas that can be turned into DIY decor projects.

Let’s create some traditional decorative ideas in the budget to amp the festive vibe. 

Tealights decor with colorful tapes 


Tealight candles are decorative but they look a bit flat with their grey metal holders. To give it personal touch add colorful tapes all around the tin. Assemble them near Puja Ghar. Keep the tapes varied to make them more colorful. 

Fairy lights with diya cutout


Most of us already have fairy lights hanging. To give it a more traditional Diwali vibe, a colorful paper cut of Diyas is cut and hung along with the lights. This way the hanging diyas between the lights catch attention making it Diwali appropriate. Hang them on the string as shown. 

Laxmi foot decor at the entrance


Deco up your entrance rooms with an auspicious Laxmi foot mark. Instead of buying stickers create your footprints with flowers and leaves. Try a beautiful combination of flowers on both sides of the entrance. Now cut several green leaves in the shapes of feet and use pomegranate to make foot fingers as shown. 

All terracotta decor


The most traditional material used for Diwali decor is terracotta. This decor idea includes terracotta idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi with diyas. Take 1 or 2 big mud cooking vessels and fill it with water. Now put coloufrul flowers flower to complete the decoration with some tealight floating along with flowers. Light up incense sticks and diyas all around to create a sensory delight. You can find here are some home goods in Calgary.

Candles inside jars


For a modern look, this one is a quick DIY. Simply pick a few mason jars. Decorate the jar by wrapping them with laces, and ribbons on the top, and place your candle inside. This will create a warm effect on your space. If you wish to make it colorful then you can paint the jars

Tip: For the best results, use acrylic paint.

Paper bag luminaries


To create a warm ambiance buy a colorful paper bag with unique cut-out designs. Now simply add light by using the battery-operated candles Such paper bag cutouts will make light ad shadow play in your house. 

Tip: If you don’t wish to buy paper bag luminaries. DIY by simply punching your paper with a decorative hole punch or any sharp pointed pin.

Artificial marigold lari


Flowers are another readily available decoration item. Some people like fresh flowers and some like them artificial. Purchase long marigold laris online to avoid waste of real flowers and decorate the background of puja Ghar or entrance in advance. You can even use paper flowers if you don’t want to change the natural ones regularly. 

Add color with Rangoli

Decorating your Mandir area with small rangolis using stencils is the easiest way to create perfect decoration. There is various stencil option available. Pick what suits you the best. These trendy ways showcase your creativity. You will surely get lots of compliments.

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