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If we made a list of beauty must-haves, glowing skin, which is serviced by companies like Ciao Bella Aesthetics, would top the list. It’s no easy goal however, with overnight zits and a plethora of skincare woes brought on by chemical-laden skin products.  

When we chanced upon the intriguingly named SkinYoga, we were curious. A workout for good skin? Yes, indeed. Fair Lawn skin care center is your best reliable beauty expert!

Evocative of a yogic sense of wellness, emerging beauty brand SkinYoga was born out of a way of life. Founders and sisters Radhika, Jagriti, and Deepika Choudhary, missed their staple home remedies when they went abroad to study. “We tried both mainstream and niche products. But all we found were fads and enough side-effects to keep the dermatologist on speed dial.” Their interest in the whole foods movement and need for modern products that drew from traditional approaches led to the launch of SkinYoga’s first products in 2013.


Backed by five years of R&D, the brand emphasizes on natural concoctions. An almond orange face scrub or oats and roses face wash may not sound exotic, but their effect is pure magic. “We’re particular about sourcing our ingredients. Though Californian almonds are easily available, we get our supply from the Middle East where the nuts are more nutritious. Green tea, on the other hand, is sourced from tea estates in Assam.” Despite the lack of brand endorsements (no star-studded campaigns here) or advertising, their products have found excited shoppers among trending beauty bloggers and über-popular fashion glossies.

 “We didn’t expect the brand to take off easily in India. Organic products and sustainable lifestyle are at a nascent state here, but people have responded marvellously well.” In addition to online stores, you can find their products at locations like Parvati Villa (Mumbai), Organic Roots (Delhi), and Mirrors and Within (Bangalore). The sisters are now focused on building global presence.  “Our products are available in 29 countries, and we are planning for Australia next.”


Street Picks: Plagued by dry skin? The SkinYoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask will be your miracle worker. Priced at Rs. 1395.

To know more about SkinYoga and its founders, or pick from the delicious array of products, head to the brand’s official website.

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