Eight Chic Must-Have Handbags For 2017

We often ignore the importance of a good handbag. Elegant, classic, bold or eccentric, a bag is what gets you through the day, in the most fashionable and practical of manners. Straight from the latest fashion and sighted on the streets, we bring to you the best of bags you can get this year and it doesn’t get better than this.

The bold new classics


                    Gabrielle bag, Chanel                                                                                     Dior                                       

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Gabrielle from Chanel

Trust Karl Lagerfeld to entice you with the introduction of the Gabrielle bag, named after Coco Chanel’s lesser known first name. In a classic quilted presentation with an array of colours, it comes in variations of shoulder bags and backpacks, and of course an established fan base well before the launch.

Jádior from Dior

The small yet striking J’adior bag with subtle gold tendencies does not fall far from an elegant repute. Trendy as it is, we have no doubts that the mini accessory will be off the racks in no time.

Edgy and Chic


 Sylvie Brocade Bag, Gucci                                             Lilith leather Bag, Gucci                           

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Would you be able to look at Gucci’s collection of handbags and pick just one? Probably not, but one does try. With its varied presentations in leather, jacquard, brocade and extensively embroidered florals, striking is the word that comes to mind when you view the Sylvie bag, a definite showstopper. If you, however, are one to go for sophisticated with a touch of edgy, the Lilith gucci bag with its snake entwined form is what you need.

Minaudiere Inspired


Jacquemus                                                                           Lanvin                               

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Small it-cases, just big enough to perhaps fit in your sleek phone or a lipstick, are doing rounds through major design houses, with everyone from Lanvin to Marc Jacobs are going gaga over the mini trend. You would be surprised to see the amount of details some of the miniscule bags incorporate. But then again, fashion is all about surprises, isn’t it ?

Utilitarian Style


Altuzarra                                                                       Tod’s                                           

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Aesthetics might be important, but one just cannot ignore the practical aspects of a bag.

This is perhaps what Altuzarra, Tod’s, Dries Van Noten and the rest had in mind when their respective runways saw flashes of huge, utilitarian carriers. Anything that might not fit in here? We don’t think so.

Fringes galore


 Alexander McQueen                                                                     Erin Fetherston                                  

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Be it a plethora of multicoloured fringes or a monochrome inclination, a lot of designers preferred the fringes on both Spring Summer and Autumn Winter 2017 catwalks, hence putting into motion a new trend.

Written Words


 Moschino                                                                                Gucci                             

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How many times have you instantly been fascinated by a purse that comes, literally, with a word on it? We thought so too. Seen on the runways and street stars alike, the written word always triumphs. Case in point: Gucci, Dior, Moschino, amongst others.

Handiwork details


Coach 1941                                                                                           Fendi                                  

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There is something appealing about appliques, external placements, embroidery and minimal embellishment that refuses to fade from the fashion scene. If you are looking to escape the bling and yet not go for the usual minimal styles, get yourself one of the vividly crafted handbags that speaks volumes of artisan.

Books as Bags


Image Source                        

No one would ever know if you are carrying a book or a bag; that’s the beauty of carrying a book clutch. The other gain? Its hassle free and carries the minimal essentials, just what you need for a day at work or night out in the city. Now you know why street style enthusiasts always have one.

Aesthetics, utility or both, the choice is yours. Shop wisely!

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