Virtual Wardrobe Audit

    Virtual Wardrobe Audit

    Let our consultants help you de-clutter and re-organise your closet . You will have closet suggestions that will work for you through the entire season and beyond.

    Service Details:

      Colour Analysis: Recognise your skin,hair,eyes colour undertones and  complement your colouring with the

      clothes you choose to wear

      Body Analysis: Discover how to dress for your body shape and complement your proportions. 

      Closet Cleanse: Make your wardrobe work for you! De-clutter and re-organize your closet. Re-style each piece,

      giving new life to your entire wardrobe. Donate ,sell clothes you that no longer works.

      Wardrobe Plan: Create a shopping list of different items needed to complete your wardrobe

      based on your lifestyle and style personality.

      Outfit Lookbooks: Have a ready reckoner of 15 lookbooks created with existing closet
       a)Fill up style quiz, have another 20 minutes virtual consultation with your stylist.
       b)Upload snaps of items owned by  
    Consulting Time
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