Personal Shopping Limited Pro

    Personal Shopping Limited Pro

    Wondering how to dress at your best friend’s destination wedding? Or which outfit would make the cut at that conference where you’ve been invited to speak? From weekend getaway to business trips, your stylist will create bespoke looks for you to leave a lasting impression. To paraphrase Coco Chanel, dress shabbily and your outfit will be remembered—dress well and you will never be forgotten.

    Service Details:

    • 60 minutes Basic Style Consultation
    • Basic Colour Analysis
    • Personal Shopping Assistance
    • Half Day Shopping(4 hrs excluding travel)
    • Personalised Colour pallette
    • E Colour Pallette
    • 10 Look books from products bought
    • Service Price Decided by Consulting stylists
    • Guidance Price Range :Rs
    • 8000-12000
    • Product Price Not Included
    * Please Insert the Booking Time.
    PricePrice On Request