True Colours: All the Right Hues for a Man’s Closet


It’s time to give that trusty old white shirt a break. Sceptics may scoff, but your wardrobes will look at great deal better with some colours on your shelves. To help you set up, we sought advice from designers Pratham and Gyanesh Sarvaiya, whose AW15 collection boasted a generous splash of bright hues. The Mumbai-based founders of their own eponymous menswear label say, “Our signature is the minimalist construction, fine tailoring, tactility, and an emphasis on basics.” Plus a fearless use of colours, as audacious as fuchsia and tangerine. From failsafe colour coordination to trending shades for year-end parties, the Sarvaiya brothers have our backs covered.


  • How to find your best colour(s) match? Keep in mind your hair, eyes, and of course, your complexion. Some trial and error, and you will find the shades that highlight your flattering features.
  • Pastel hues, such as lavender and peach look great on both dark and light skin. No worries even if you’re recovering from a beachside tan.
  • Limit yourself to three colours for every outfit, including a neutral. One tip that always works for us: Pair one pastel shade with a neutral colour, or pastel with a deeper, darker shade from the same colour family.


  • Year-end parties demand a spiffy new suit. Dark suits are a traditional choice—try dusky navy, subdued cobalt, and muted grey for a modern take on classic colours.
  • Head-to-toe colour is tricky, but super trendy. Sleek silhouettes, with minimal pockets and only essential details, will let the colour stand out as the most interesting element of your ensemble.
  • Shades of grey are perfectly of-the-moment. Punctuate it with beige or off-white for a fashion-forward effect. For something safer, try navy or olive.


  • Did you think pink and orange were meant for girls? A pink or an orange tie/bow balanced with a darker suit does wonders for your looks. The hues make for striking shirts too, complemented by dark trousers.
  • Orange and black is the new black. Nothing makes black pop better than a bright bold colour and orange certainly does it.
  • Better yet, skip the black and pick navy blue or charcoal as your go-to neutral. Finish with orange on the details and you’re golden.
  • Finish your attire with lots of confidence! A dapper look gets people curious—let this be your moment to give them a glimpse of your charm and fun side.l


Images: Pratham & Gyanesh Autumn-Winter 2015.

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