Sustainable fashion is the new black

Fashion ethics + Class= Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion has always been given a place of luxurious fashion. However, with times changing and pandemic hitting us, people have accepted sustainable fashion in their daily lifestyle. It took some time for people to understand the accurate definition of sustainable fashion. However, once done, they accepted it with open hearts.

With fast fashion- increasing the pollution and creating chaos in the fashion industry. 

Sustainable fashion had to come as a savior of the mother earth and to make people realize the true meaning of fashion. With sustainable fashion coming in, we all preferred minimal designs and clothes that last for a longer period.

How to make sure that you can be a part of this? We have got it here for you-

Rent your clothes

We all want to decorate our wardrobe with different colors and styles. However, with sustainable fashion coming in, it’s time to save your money on fashion and let your wardrobe breathe. Try renting clothes you want to wear for one or two outings.


Rent now on The Stylease


Rent now on Flyrobe

Renting has always been a safer option than burning a hole in your pocket just for some rare occasions. It also promises you quality at a very low cost. Plus, who knows? You can become the next trendsetter by letting someone wear the same attire as you do.

Recyclable fabric

The root of fast fashion starts from fabric. End number of factories are working to create a plethora of clothes for today’s millennial. They don’t realize the harmful effects it can lead to our nature. The time has come that we save our earth and let it enjoy. Choose recyclable fabric over any other one. For starters, you can start with jute or silk. Clothes made via these fabrics are usually hand woven. It gives a smooth touch to your skin, plus it’s safe for nature too. These days, you can see emerging styles in these fabrics that can elevate your fashion style.


Shop recycled eco-friendly fabrics on Suvetah

Look for the future and add to the cart!

Have you ever planned your wardrobe for the next three months? We know the answer is no. But with overproduction happening outside, there’s no point in curating a style that no one is going to wear in the next 1-2 months. It’s time that we pre-plan everything before buying it. There are several sites available out there where you have an option of pre-ordering your clothes. As per the demand, the clothes are crafted and sold in the market. This way, we can limit production yet stay as a profitable industry.

In conclusion, sustainable fashion gives us a chance to step out of just trending clothes and our wardrobe beauty of mother earth. With this upcoming fashion, we can believe in the concept of ‘One step at a time’.

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