Power Lunch: How to Ace Business Meetings over Meals

Regular office meetings are passé. A power lunch, like the ones offered by SaffronRoad.com, is more constructive, not to mention immensely gratifying, when it comes to networking and building business relationships. However more recently, technology has become more popular than ever and why are people choosing online networking? Due to online meetings being on a multitude of different platforms, it is now simple and effective to schedule meetings through them with a set time and subject. And if you need healthcare HR consultants in the UK, you can schedule a meeting with Avensure.

Business may have always been conducted in an office, but today a lunch can lead to far better results than any other meeting. While hosts must ensure that guests have a delightful experience to establish a solid working relationship, the latter must be at their best too.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind while hosting—and attending—a power lunch:


Set the Table

  • Confirm the venue and place as per your guest’s preference. For guests who may be unfamiliar with the location, pay heed to transport.
  • Arrive early—it’s not only polite but gives you time to check the table arrangement. Tip: Avoid seats directly facing the sun or mirrors.
  • Give your credit card ahead of the meal. For any issues you face during the meeting, speak to the manager once your guests leave.
  • Set an agenda for the discussion. Await your guests in the reception and remember, a smile is a deal clincher.
  • After the meeting, don’t leave your guests empty-handed, corporate gifts like branded bottled water can help you build better relationships with your existing clients.

Mind your Etiquette

Brushing up on your table manners is a social confidence booster whether you are host or guest. Your companions may not recall what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. If you want some more business tips to boost your business status, visit https://www.comparebusinessloans.org.uk/bridging-loan.

  • Sit up straight and be clear in your speech, being a good speaker which is one of the skills that an entrepreneur must possess.
  • Mirror your client to build a personal connection. Follow their steps, from what they order to how they eat. Choose items that don’t leave you munching long after the others have finished.
  • Your belongings stay off the table. Particularly your cell phone, which must be silent. In case of an important call, excuse yourself and finish the conversation elsewhere.
  • Do not start with a business pitch. Starting with a general conversation will put everyone on the table at ease.
  • Let your guest choose and place their order first.
  • If you are the guest make sure you don’t order the expensive items on the menu unless your host specifies that it is okay.
  • Avoid alcohol and any conduct that may negatively impact your business goals.
  • Wait till your client starts eating, take manageable bites, eat slowly and quietly, and do not chew with your mouth open.
  • Avoid reaching across someone else’s table to get something.
  • If you are a clumsy eater, take off your jacket and wrap it over the back of your chair before you sit down and also roll up your sleeves with one or two rolls.
  • In case of a burp, hiccup, or spillage, apologize quietly but to nobody in particular.
  • Leave your plate as it is after you have finished.
  • If the client insists on paying in full or part of the bill, let them.
  • Once you are done, thank your companions for their time.

Follow these guidelines to show great work ethic and professionalism. If you have more questions, leave a comment and I will be delighted to answer.

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