Online Shopping – How It’s Transforming Men’s Fashion

Gone are the times when men had limited fashion choices. Today, men have just as many, if not more, fashion choices to select from. From chino pants to French-collared shirts and loafers shoes, the men’s fashion range is wide.

Men Fashion

Men too, just like women, wear clothes that best suit their personality. For example, if a man is a Marvel Comics’ fan, he would wear a superhero-inspired t-shirt with a pair of classy sports shoes. This look can barely go wrong for a casual evening party.

The fashion industry is transforming. Men’s fashion is evolving. If the figures were to be believed, the revenue that arises out of menswear is soon going to outpace women’s fashion wear. One simple reason for this is the exploding variety of choices for men.

Internet – a boon for men shoppers:

Not all men love to go to the malls and spend hours trying clothes. Unlike women, they are pretty clear about what type of clothes they want. Online shopping has become a blessing for such men. There are several players in the online shopping space who offer more than many menswear choices, leaving the guys spoilt for choice.

Online shopping has come a long way since it first started. Going by the numbers that are available on the internet, the Indian e-commerce market has grown 3x since 2015. Today, hoodies, sports shoes, quirky t-shirts, and backpacks for men, there’s barely anything that men won’t find online. They can shop for hours with a 100gb sim.

The role of influencers and models:

Fashion Influencers

Social media is flooding with fashion and fitness influencers. Everyone follows at least one influencer for their fashion choices. Brands are increasingly collaborating with fashion influencers to lure men and women into buying branded clothes. Looking at the figures, it’s safe to say that this is working in favour of the brands.

Men are getting inspired by male influencers and are also willing to try new fashion. So, from wearing simple polo neck t-shirts, men are now moving to V-neck t-shirts and doctor t-shirts.

That’s not all, fashion from across the world is available on social media. This, too has inspired men to try new fashion styles.

The game of sale:

The Indian market is a price-sensitive market. Therefore, most sales, online as well as offline, happen during the sale period. And thus, you see various types of sales in India, such as the ‘end of season’ sale, ‘end of reason’s sale, ‘mid-season sale’, ‘festive special sale’. Brands are using every opportunity they can to announce sales, because they know that people spend the most during these sales. Buyers believe that they get the best value for money during this period.

On the other hand, fashion online shopping portals such as PayTM mall always have some clothes and fashionwear on sale.

One-stop destination:

Will it be wrong if we said that online shopping portals leave you spoilt for choice? E-commerce fashion portals such as the PayTM mall, offer all brands at one place. So, if a guy wants to compare two brands, it becomes easier than ever. Variety, as well as the price, can easily be compared. Therefore, online shopping is proffered over in-store purchases. Similarly, you don’t have to go to various stores to buy different types of clothes. Whether you want loafers’ shoes or traditional dhoti kurta, you will get everything at this one destination. This convenience is encouraging many to shop online.

Return policies:

If you buy men’s fashion wear or sports shoes offline, chances are you won’t be able to return it and ask for a refund; you may get a credit note. On the other hand, when you shop online, the products are not just delivered to your doorstep, but can also be returned without any hassle. That’s not all, you can either exchange it for something else or ask for a full refund of your money. That’s how simple it is to shop online. With fast-delivery options, variety, and hassle-free returns, online shopping is giving a tough competition to offline stores, including the brick and mortar men’s fashion stores.

With so many benefits of online shopping, its only sensible for men and women to shop online. Since online retailers have to bear fewer overheads than an offline merchant, the prices that are offered online are also relatively lesser. So, guys, you can now shop your favourite brands, from the comfort of your home with online shopping. The internet has made fashion more accessible than before, social media is demands everyone to look their best. So, what are you waiting for? Want to buy a pair of new sports shoes, but don’t want to step out in this scorching heat? It’s time to put your phone to some good use.

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