New Romance: First Look at Recreate by Aiman


Good old love stories are set to take a turn in Recreate by Aiman, designer Aiman Agha’s new collection unveiled at Lakmé Fashion Week. Inspired by the words of French philosopher and priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the collection is a macabre yet visually stunning take on symbolic motifs that we associate with love and longing. Agha says, “I making up my own stories because that way, it remains fresh and unheard of. This collection is actually my favourite fantasy: Love. A nature goddess has lost her love and is trying to bring him back to life by growing a new heart for him on plants. Nature gives life and this is just a pictorial documentation of the same.”

Agha’s moodboard is a complex and gorgeous mix of tabooed plants—carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap are key subjects along with diagrams of human anatomy. On a canvas of solid hues—white, royal blue, black—these statement motifs come alive in ingenious layers of intense colours, intricate embroidery, piping, and sleek silhouettes. The result is an array of conversation-starting ensembles offering an edgy take on a classic sentiment. Says Agha, “This collection has something for everyone, but I would love to see Kangana Ranaut in the looks.”

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