Lounge Party: The Nuteez Story

Bold florals, cheeky one-liners, pop-inspired bicycles—Nuteez, an emerging versatile loungewear brand is all about letting your hair down. Founder, and CEO, Vijayashree Parameswaran lets us in on her bright ideas.


Nuteez in five words Fun, colour, quirky, comfort, and cosy

Lounging about All we’ve in the name of sleepwear in this country are generic colour and patterns, including the (not so) good old nighties. Where’s the fun in that? We decided to try our hand at a more vibrant approach, and launched in November 2011—the name Nuteez (pronounced New-tees) was my son’s idea.

Design philosophy Our designs aren’t just meant to be sleepwear. Versatility is so very important—you can wear Nuteez on your vacation or while you step out for a quick coffee. I spotted someone at a multiplex the other day, dressed in our PJs for a night show. You may doze off in our outfits (thanks to the comfy fit and knitted cotton), but there’s nothing sleepy about the designs.


Brand challenges We get slotted as a sleepwear brand more often than we’d like. Loungewear is still a new concept in India and we do our best to push our products in this new category. It helps to have clients who style our designs to wear them outdoors—pairing belts, hats, and jewellery. Loungewear is on the rise, but there is still a long way to go.

Artist collaborations While the broad colour schemes and themes are determined by us, it’s up to our collaborative artists to interpret them. We’ve worked with the likes of Alicia Souza and Sundeep Ramudamu; our 2016 collection might involve a talented, international designer and visual artist. We will keep you posted!

Everyday inspirations We’ve a theme for every season, and those are usually drawn from daily life. Our current collection is generously sprinkled with on-trend animal prints, catchy slogans, and kitschy transport vehicles. Our most successful collections have been Flower Power for women and Stronger at Night for men.


Styling loungewear It’s not about what you wear but how you wear. Paired with belts and boots, and a jacket, our long tank looks spectacular. For a dressier approach, add a long chain and swap the boots for a pair of heels.

A good night’s sleep A good read by my bedside, some music to relax, and my favourite Nuteez designs to wear are all I need before I hit the snooze button. I can never have enough of our bold Flower Power motifs—it’s my personal favourite.

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