Many of us don’t know the subtle differences between a blazer, a suit & a sport jacket. It’s common for people to perceive a jacket, simply as a generic garment and the difference between a blazer , a suit and a sport coat, could well be an unsolved mystery.

Let us put some light on the differences between these three type of jackets. Gaining some knowledge about each jacket will help you pick and investing in the right jacket, for the right event.


Blazer jacket:

You can identify a blazer jacket by its metal buttons in brass, gold or silver , however now they are also available without the customary  brushed metal buttons .They have a loose fit , the construction is softer and is unstructured specially in the shoulder area. It is cut more casually than a suit jacket, while being more dressier than a sport jacket. Blazers are not made with a matching pair of trouser, but are quite versatile as you can pair them in many different combinations. For example, a blazer can be worn over unmatched formal dress pants and a shirt. This can be worn with or without a tie. For a more Sunday brunch vibe, pair a blazer with lighter shade of informal pant, a polo shirt or a plain t-shirt. If your blazer jacket has the customary metal buttons avoid pairing it with your denims.

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Blazers are available in solid deep shades, like blue, navy, bottle green, red and created in fabrics like worsted wool, serge, hopsack, flannel,  fresco, cashmere and linen. Traditionally blazers were made in wool, however they are now available in cotton varieties as well.

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The styles available in blazer jacket are 2 button, single breasted with notched lapel & flap pockets… alternatively 3 button, single breasted with notched lapel & flap pockets. Lastly, 6 button double breasted blazer with a peaked lapel & jetted pockets.

Blazer jackets are casually tailored, intended to be preppy unmatched suits. Wear it to a less formal to informal meetings, conferences or presentations, informal networking, client visits etc.


Suit Jacket:

A suit blazer is more constructed and structured, than a blazer or sport coat, with shoulder pads, canvas etc. There are worn with a matching trouser. Buttons of the suit jacket are usually in lower contrast and are made of corozo, horn or polyester. Never wear your suit blazer with denim bottoms, or never interchange your suit blazer with other formal pants. A suit blazer and suit pant should always be bought together as a matched suit. The trouser should be made from the same swatch of the fabric.

Suits are available in colors like navy, charcoal, blue, medium gray, black, olive, brown, tan, taupe or white and are often created in pure wool or fabrics like worsted wool, linen, flannel,  tweed, seersucker, corduroy, gabardine, cashmere, fresco, herringbone, windowpane, glen check, twill, pin stripe, chalk stripe and silk… which are usually finer and smoother.

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The styles available are 2 button single breasted with notched lapel & flap pockets… 3 button single breasted notched lapel with flap pockets and 6 button double breasted shawl lapel with jetted pockets.

A suit jacket is a formal attire and exudes a certain level of authority. You can wear a suit at top level meetings, conferences, presentations, formal client visits, cocktail networking or while representing your company in a formal setting.



Sport Jacket:

Sport jackets were originally worn during “sporting” activities (hunting, shooting, etc.) It is more casual than a blazer, and often has less structured, than a blazer or a suit jacket. Sport jacket looks best when paired with a denim bottom.

If a jacket doesn’t have matching pants, the blazer and sport coat is used interchangeably unless the jacket doesn’t have metal buttons, then its used only as a blazer.

The sport jacket can be worn in any color or pattern. Some fabric and pattern options could be tweed, cotton, linen, seersucker, flannel, corduroy, camel hair, serge, worsted wool, hopsack, fresco, cashmere, houndstooth,  windowpane,  herringbone, madras checks, etc.

The styles available are 2 button single breasted sport lapel flap with ticket flap pocket, 2 button single breasted hand stitched notched lapel with patch pockets and 3 button single breasted closing front lapel with flap pockets.

A sport jacket is a leisure garment and can be worn to a dinner party, a club, a casual office meeting at a coffee shop, a happy hour date, a concert, an afternoon reception etc.

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