What’s In An Image – Breaking The Myths About Image Consulting


It’s a question I am asked frequently, “Wouldn’t Mumbai be a better place for your profession, image consulting, since all the celebrities live there?” My response usually is “Oh no, actually regular people need me more than the celebs”.

Think about it: Celebrities have enormous resources and stylists ready to help them. But what about people who aren’t celebs but trying to make it in their respective professions? We are all stars in our lives, or want to be. Some want professional recognition, others want to be noticed in social networks, but the desire to be important in some form is inherent to us. What if an image consultant partners in your path to success with a dash of style and a dose of confidence?

Your image can further your goals, and a qualified and experienced image consultant can identify these subtle links – how you dress and present yourself, your body language, etiquette, and mindset. An image consultant strategizes to brand your image in tandem with your goals and stay true to your personality. The biggest misconception about image consultants is that their job is telling you what to wear. As you will find out, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

1472075_10201760186118472_955356921_nA qualified image consultant does not dictate what you should wear. I often do a lifestyle and style assessment to understand the goals of the client and industry they work in before suggesting a dressing protocol. The wardrobe plan must fit the client’s lifestyle.

An image consultant does not focus only on styling. There is much more to image consulting than styling alone. My image coaching sessions with clients have focused on their mindset and beliefs around their bodies, etiquette, and body language, as well as their online presence.

A qualified image consultant doesn’t have to work exclusively with celebrities. Just like actors, other professionals also want to be seen and heard and have to manage their image at work and in social networks. Principles of image consulting can be applied successfully to assist individuals from various walks of life.

Whether you are looking to be mentored for a date or a meeting, an executive conference, or a social gala, an image consultant can be your partner in bringing out the best in you!

Who you are must reflect in what you wear, how you speak, and how you make others feel. Your Image is what sets you apart from the crowd.

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