The 1980s fashion can be described as big, bright and bold. To be more precise it was the decade of maximalism, over the top everything! Designers were taking over the fashion industry again. Style influencers like Princess Diana, Madonna, and Whitney Houston were some of the icons of the 80’s, Women loved following them and their style, like the ones presented on fashion boutique online, was distinct from the other. Below are some of the popular trends of 1980’s.


Power suit was a prominently famous style of the 80’s. A sharp suit tailored with wide padded shoulders, jacket cinched at the waist naturally or with a belt and knee length skirt. It was worn with a silk blouse. Every fashionable woman had at least one of this in her wardrobe. This was also the outfit professional women wore to office.

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You can spot the ruffle style in almost every blouse, in the neck or sleeve in the 80’s. It was compulsory to wear this to work below power suits. Princess Diana favored this feminine style and that’s how it became popular among the ladies.

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If you wondered what women wore for their evening glam look then, sequins it was! A glitzy sequin dress was still a popular evening dress choice in the 1980’s. In fact it did not just end with eveningwear, sequins could be found on lapels of power-suits, sweaters and accessories too.

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1980’s was not just about soft feminine looks it was also influenced by a bold sub culture, Punk. Studded leather jackets, ripped jeans, statement tees, fingerless gloves and bold eyeliner are all elements of Punk style.

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These were just a few popular trends from the 80’s, many other trends like Neon clothes among the youth, colorful neon tights, bold colors, statement earrings, mesh tops, logo t-shirts, denim jacket, animal prints, wasit belts, leotards and leggings as workout attire, also made a mark in the history of 1980’s fashion. 


Princess Diana’s side swept hair was popular in the early 80’s, but later women liked to perm, tease and coiffed hair to elaborate styles with lots of hairspray to set their big hairstyles. Make-up was bold with eyes as the highlight of the face, colorful eye shadows with colored mascara for eyes, prominent blush on cheeks and bright lips.

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