In my bag – Summer essentials you should always carry!

The gruelling heat making everyday commute seems like a battle? Well, every warrior is only as good as his weapons! Don’t shy away from the sun, embrace the hot mess.  Here’s a quick check-list to have you armoured up for the warmest of the days! Let’s go through a bunch of things you should always carry in your bag, no exceptions!

Item One | Sunscreen

Duh, like we needed to tell you that! But, remember to keep it over 50 SPF and pick something that gives you wide –spectrum protection against UV & UB rays.  Point to be noted; the SPF is co-related to the numbers of hours after you need to reapply the sunscreen once again. So a SPF 30 will go on for 3 hours, and SPF 50 for 5 hours. Wear it 20 mins before heading out, let your skin soak it up!

PS: Get the matte ones, the sun is doing a good enough job of making you sticky already.

Item Two | Wet Wipes

Basic, but a life-saver! Keep some alcohol–free wipes handy to wipe the day’s grime away.

Item Three | Loose Matt Powder

We would suggest avoiding make-up in summer. However if you do apply some basic foundation and concealer, remember to finish it off with some matte powder to have it stay in its place for longer.

Item Four | Lip Balm

Your lips need protection just as much as your skin does. Slap some yummy lip balm and you are good to go. Remember to get the ones with SPF protection.

Item Five | Light Moisturising Lotion

You are sweating constantly and hence need to add moisture back into your skin; carry a small light moisturiser for your hands and neck for a quick refresher.

Item Six | Shades

If you don’t want a headache after 20 minutes in the sun, better not leave this baby at home.

Item Seven | Scarf/ Umbrella

We’re all for tanning; sunburn on the other hand is not something we are in favour of. If you are going to spend excessive time outdoors; carry a scarf or an umbrella to shield yourself from the rays.

Item Eight | Lime & Pink Salt Water

Not only does it taste better than regular water, it restores essential nutrients back in your body. So drink up!

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Item Nine | Face Mist

This will come in handy for the day- to- night transition. Spray some on to start afresh.

Item Ten | Water/Sweat Proof Liner/ Kajal

Unless you want to look like a panda in the middle of the day, make sure you test its water-proofing abilities well in advance.

Item Eleven | Sanitizer

Summer means bacteria, bacteria everywhere! This one is mandatory.

It’s great if you can carry all eleven; in dire emergencies, always go for the protection first – Shades, Scarf and Sanitizer. We hope you have an awesome summer!

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