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Handbags do more than just hold your essentials. It is an essential part of your ensemble, as it is the one item that completes your look and helps you add definition to your clothing and your personality.

From being a functional item, a handbag is also a personal statement, self-expression and status symbol. Being one of the most visible fashion accessory, the handbag conveys to the world, which tribe you belong to. Handbags can make or break your outfit. You must know the right type of bag to carry with your outfit.

Our Stylist, answers some of the frequently asked questions on handbags.


Q. What kind/ color of handbags are a must in every woman’s wardrobe?

There are different varieties of handbags to choose from and they each suit different purposes accordingly. But according to me, these five bags are must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe.

Leather Tote, Weekend Bag, Cross Body Bag, Evening Clutch, Fur Bag/ Box Bag 

You should go for colors that goes well with most of your outfits. Black is one color we all should have as it’s very versatile and helps us stay classy in the everyday hustle. Neutral tones are the best options for every-day handbags.


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Q.What is the criteria for choosing a handbag for your client? Could you list a few instances and elaborate?

 When it comes to clients, we try and suggest handbags to them, based on their lifestyle and at times on their body type. Primarily it’s their individual lifestyle that matters the most. For e.g., if it’s a working woman, we choose bags that look chic and functional too.

Big handbags in which, she can fit in most of her things and should be always “Desk to Dinner” ready. We focus a lot on the brands. Because we believe a brand speaks a lot about the person.

One thumb rule, we ask our clients to follow, is stick to Minimal. Minimalist designs and Neutral colors, gives your look a luxurious &sophisticated touch.


Q. Does a handbag talk a lot about the person?

 As mentioned above, I feel handbags are more than just a place to keep your wallet & essentials. For a woman, her handbag is the most important investment. I think behind every successful woman, is a fabulous handbag. :p

Handbags are an expression of who we are and where we belong in social, economic and fashion terms. You might not be able to own that BMW you always wanted, but you can own a LV and be in the same league.

I believe more than the bag she carries, what a woman carries in her handbag, tells us an awful lot about a woman. If she is a boss babe or an unorganized freak, you can know a lot about a woman


Q. Could you list a few celebrities whose handbag choices tell a lot about their personality?

We all have a lot of handbags in our wardrobe, but like a textbook mother, we can’t help but have our favorites. Same goes with celebrities, we see them carrying their most fav ones quite a lot.

In the list of celebs, a few that comes to mind are:

Deepika Padukone: I have noticed her carrying oversize, box bag with a top handle, by Gucci. Being a top celebrity with on the go move, her bag requires to be roomy but sophisticated at the same time. The bag choice of structured yet roomy, tells us, she is very organized in real life, with a place for everything.

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Sonam Kapoor: The queen bee that she is, Sonam Kapoor is the style diva and her most favorite bag choice is totes with long straps & quilting detailing…a signature look from Chanel. Big bags are practical yet fashionable. She likes to carry everything in her bad and hates the idea of getting into a situation where she might have to ask for something.

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Gigi Hadid: I have spotted Gigi, carrying mini shoulder bags most of the times. As much, as they are in trend, they speak a lot about the wearer. How she loves a fuss free life, has an always on the go vibe and is trendy. She is very much confident in her own skin and doesn’t need a bag full of things to make her feel beautiful.

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