5 Menswear Designers You Need to Know About

The fashion world is continuously changing, from the trends to the designers themselves. One minute something is hot on the catwalk, and the next minute it is yesterday’s news. We have already covered some of the hottest looks for Autumn/Winter 2018, but who are the designers behind this season’s biggest trends? From the classics to those who are up and coming, here are five menswear designers you need to know about.

Ralph Lauren

Let’s kick off with a classic! Ralph Lauren started up his own tie business in 1967 when he was just 28 years old. The year after he released his first clothing line called ‘Polo’ and the rest, as they say, is history. Ralph Lauren is renowned for creating timeless pieces, all featuring the tell-tale polo playing logo. If you’re looking for sharp shirts combined with athleisure, then Ralph Lauren is the menswear designer for you.


This luxury fashion house has hit the headlines recently for a rather interesting new campaign, featuring computer-generated models! Always one step ahead of the game, Balmain is the home of cutting-edge fashion. Their latest collection includes band tees, ripped jeans, animal print and dad sneakers. Even if you don’t want to be that fashion-forward, this menswear designer also offers up some classic pieces such as striped shirts and leather jackets.

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Giorgio Armani

If Italy is the home of fashion, then Giorgio Armani is the Godfather of the fashion world. It seems as though there is nothing this menswear designer cannot do; from the sleekest of classic suits through to fresh off the catwalk style. Their collection of bag, shoes and accessories are also something that most men have coveted at least once in their lives. You need to have at least one Armani piece in your wardrobe!

Alexandre Mattiussi

One of the up and coming menswear designers to keep your eye on is Alexandre Mattiussi. This Parisian designer, who owns the brand Ami, is renowned for his stunning streetwear that can be worn straight off the catwalk. If you want to mix comfort and style, Alexandre Mattiussi is the man for the job! He is also one of the best-dressed menswear designers himself, so you know you can trust whatever he brings to the table.

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Paul Smith

Finally, if you like your designers a little bit kooky, then you’re going to love Paul Smith. This British designer rocketed onto the scene in the 1970s, thanks to his bright patterns and colourful stripes. Not everything in the Paul Smith collection is quite so psychedelic, however, including just plain shirts with a striped zebra on them — a hat-tip to the eccentricity without being in your face. Of course, you can always go full striped suit if that’s your bag!

These are just a few of the menswear designers you need to know about — although there are plenty more hitting the catwalks and showing off their eclectic collections. Whatever your sense of style, you’re bound to find a designer that works for you. Are any missing from the list? Feel free to add your own in the comments below!

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