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Put on a pair of dark glasses, and get – instant symmetry! The dark lenses conceal any asymmetrical oddities around your eyes, and analysis on facial attractiveness shows a transparent link between symmetry and our perception of beauty. As an extra bonus, Brown noticed, dark glasses give a form of system impact, imposing the looks of associate external, extra-chiseled bone structure on prime of your comparatively softer-featured face. Sunglasses are usually looked at as nothing more than a fashion accessory. And while there’s no doubt that they’re an integral part of your wardrobe keeping them tagged along the budget is also necessary. Now users can save more using Lenskart promo codes applicable to eyeglasses and lenses available online while amplifying the style quotient at the same time. In this post, let’s see some interesting trends and websites like Lenskart that offer some stylish sunglasses.

Types of sunglasses:

  • Aviator
  • Browline
  • Retro Square
  • Round
  • Sport
  • Cat Eye
  • Square
  • Keyhole Bridge
  • Brow Bar


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Aviator sunglasses are a style of sunglasses that were developed by Bausch & Lomb. The original Bausch & Lomb sketch is now marketed as Ray-Ban Aviators, though other producers also produce aviator-style sunglasses. They are characterised by means of dark, regularly reflective lenses having an area two or three instances of the region of the eyeball, and very skinny steel frames with a double or triple bridge (so-called ″bullet hole″) and bayonet earpieces or bendy cable temples that hook at the back of the ears. The authentic graph featured G-15 tempered glass lenses, transmitting 15% of incoming light. The giant lenses are not flat however barely convex. The plan attempts to cover the whole range of the human eye and prevent as plenty mild as possible from getting into the eye from any angle.


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Brow-line glasses are constructed in such a way that the upper component of the frame is thicker than the decrease portion, simulating additional eyebrows or in any other case drawing attention to the wearer’s herbal forehead line. The most frequent potential of building is for the higher component of the body (the “brows” or “caps”) and temples to be made of plastic, with the remainder of the body (the bridge and eye wires, or “chassis”) to be made of metal. The chassis inserts into the brows and is held in location by using way of a series of screws. For a duration in the 1960s, several fashions emerged in which the brows had been built from aluminium; following the style’s resurgence in the 2000s, brow-lines made totally out of one type of steel with less pronounced forehead portions became popular.

Retro Square:

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Not sure what style to choose? With its boxy structure and super-thick frames, you can’t go wrong with a basic retro rectangular style. Available in a range of prints and colourings for each guy and gals, this is a go-to for each face structure and size.


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John Lennon always comes to mind with this iconic style. While the lenses are always round, the frames can be small or large, skinny or thick, and metal or plastic. Throw on a pair of these frames and sway to the music!


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For the adventure-seekers out there, activity sun shades are characterised by means of thin, smooth lenses tapering at the temples (you know, so you can work harder, better, faster, stronger). Made to battle glare and enhance your visibility, many come with one of a kind polarized lenses.

Cat Eye:

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Cat-eye glasses (sometimes called “cat eyes” or “cat glasses”) are the structure of eyewear. The shape is closely associated with the browline style, differentiated by means of having an upsweep at the outer edges of the place the temples or hands be part of the body front. They were commonly famous in the Nineteen Fifties and Nineteen Sixties among ladies and are regularly related to the Beehive coiffure and other appears of the period. They preceded the massive bug-eye glasses of the 1970s, 1980s, and Nineteen Nineties.


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While similar to the retro square shape, the lenses on square shades could be classified as square or rectangle but have an updated feel. Style choices range from sporty to trendy, making this frame shape one of the most versatile out there.

Keyhole Bridge:

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Keyhole bridges add a delicate antique experience to any pair of sunglasses. Keyhole bridges received their titles because the opening at the bridge appears as a keyhole! This type of bridge is ideal for those who have a low nostril bridge and need their colourings to remain put, but they look magnificent on everyone.

Brow Bar:

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Sunglasses with forehead bars have hit the mainstream. The addition of a 2d forehead bar that rides along your eyebrows provides an exciting addition to any look. This style is a spin-off of the forehead bars current on most aviator frames, however, the frames in this category fluctuate in shape, size, and material.

All the above-mentioned types are available in various online platforms like Lenskart, Coolwinks, etc. Find the correct type that matches you and give yourself a fresh look that improves your look and take your appearance to the next level with sunglasses.

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