Top fashion accessories to gear up for the rainy days

Accessories have a purpose. We undoubtedly have several accessories in our cupboard but most of them are of no use on rainy days. It’s time to pack those for a while. 

To begin with, keep in mind three factors – utility, comfort, and the latest trends. We have given our best thoughts to combine all the above three points in this blog.

Now, you might have some of them. Let’s twist and turn them into fashion accessories to uplift your mood and brighten your rainy days. Here are the 7 best monsoon fashion accessories.

Chic Umbrellas

H&M Printed Umbrella

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Umbrellas are basic as it keeps you safe from rain. However, do you remember Serena from Gossip Girl who nailed the chic transparent bubble umbrella? Yes! a trendy stylish umbrella can create such a statement. There are fascinating shapes different prints, and bright colors, and don’t forget about the designer handles. It could be a pop of neon or subtle play of pastel colors or maybe some funky prints.

Walk with See-through bags

Jimplei Solid Sling Bag

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Leathers are good but not every time. If you don’t want to ruin leather accessories, especially bags or wallets, try this out. This innovation has saved so much. The clear bags can be of transparent or translucent material. They can in different forms like a tote bag, backpack, or fanny bag. No matter which style you pick for your look, it ensures that your essentials are safely protected from rain and dirt.

Perfect footwear for puddles 

Twenty Dresses Pink Clear To Me Rainwear Boots

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Goes without saying that waterproof shoes can be the best option. However, the options can range from plastic sliders, slip-on, and even some striped sandals. Easy to wear and clean, it is going on your feet looking glorious.

Another option is gum boots. They are lightweight, easy to wear, and sturdy enough to prevent slipping off. Also no more wet feet.

Classy Raincoats

Ajio Animal Printed Zip Front Rainwear

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A reliable raincoat needs to be gloomy grey. Thanks to the designers who have designed a whole range of gorgeous patterns, colors, and varied materials.

Some popular options are reversible two-side pockets transparent rain jackets. Anorak is another trendy option when it’s pouring outside. These kinds of raincoats are short and do not restrict movement. Colour options popular among women includes any two statement colors combined. Men usually have subtle colors such as brown and black.

Right jewelry selection

Pink Handmade Resin Earrings

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The selection of the right material is key here. If you pick any oxidized accessories chances are they get may be tarnished. Some may lose their shine or end up irritating your skin. Hence plastic or resin accessories are the perfect choices. They have different appeals to complement your raincoat, gum boots, and transparent bag. It’s also noteworthy to mention Fable England, a brand that beautifully intertwines the world of fairy tales with everyday accessories. You can find their magnificent collection and an enchanting offer on Every bag purchase entitles you to a free doormouse necklace, adding a charming surprise to your shopping experience.

Accessorize with Scarves

M&S Leopard Printed Scarf

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Monsoons can be slightly chilly, hence layering can be a good option An scarf is an ideal accessory that keeps you stay in style and protects you. To add some drama to your look, opt for funky patterned scarves on a monochrome look and sold color scarves light clothes. This way you can completely change the look of your outfit.

All the above accessories are gonna make your monsoon days cheerful and lively. We are sure, with the above tips you are gonna pull on your glamorous outfits in the best way possible.

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