The valiant taurus

Determined, persistent and the most reliable of all, Taurus is one of the boldest earth signs. Possessing an empowering personality, Taurians tend to lean towards a stronger, bolder style. Being quiet romantic and overindulgent, they look for subtle yet bold colours: Solid pastels, deep greens, pink and most royal hues. As they aren’t so fond of change, the concept of ‘fast fashion’ does not appeal to them. Strong headed as they are, a Taurus once settled is very difficult to move. Same is the case regarding their fashion choices; they prefer to invest in good quality or designer pieces.

As a lover of the arts, they would not hesitate in experimenting with their style yet would limit it to niche, luxurious items. Although they seem to be a bit materialistic, they actually aim at obtaining tasteful products that last the test of time. As organised as they can be, a Taurus portrays a style that overflows with classic yet comfortable attire. They always prefer quality over quantity and are very particular about the fabric and the construction of the garment, making sure of a good fit. Fabrics such as Silk, cashmere, cotton and velvet are more likely to draw their attention.

Not completely sure of your style as a Taurus? Or need to find a gift for you Taurus friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Taurus Woman

The Taurus Man

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