The Last One : Pisces Fashion Style

Like the water does not like constraints, pisces like to favor loose, free flowing, graceful silhouettes that does not restricts them. Being the last of the zodiac sign, pisces are sensitive, gentle and intuitive individuals. Ruled by the planet Neptune, pisces are spiritual individuals and like to stay in there imaginary world. Being a water sign pisces are characterized by the sense of empathy and expressed emotional capacity.

Pisces’s sense of style is deeply affected, by the way they think and approach life. Dreams, spirituality and artistic expression are their allies. Anything that helps them express an emotional sensitive attitude that conveys depth and compassion are their fashion choices.

Pisces women are like the mermaids of the zodiac. Soft-hearten and kind.

Think silver, lustrous materials, sequins and flowing lines. Your inner romantic shines in colors like sea green, pastels and blues. They love delicate jewelry and can pull off any shoes ( say yes to strappy sandals ).

You can know a Pisces man from his dreamy eyes. Living in their own dream world, Pisces man could be poetic, or naturally artistic. When it comes to fashion, like the Pisces female, Pisces man prefers flowy and non-restrictive clothes. He is either always in his gym clothes or sleepwear. Think of cheesecloth. The Jesus look suits him best.

If he has to wear a suit, it has to be relaxed.

Not completely sure of your style as a Pisces? Or need to find a gift for you Pisces friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Pisces Woman 

The Pisces Man

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