Unisex Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

‘What’s next?’ After celebrating every kind of holiday, that’s the question we keep asking. Well, this time, it’s valentine’s day. Be it your best friend, to-be date or long-distance relationship, we can sense your excitement for this time of the year. While you don’t need a day to make your date feel special, this day is just meant for you to think that ‘love is in the air’.

The countdown for this time has already started, and you should plan something special for the other person. Whether a unique restaurant or movie night, whatever gift you choose has got to be outstanding and memorable for the other person. We heard you, and that’s why we are here with unisex valentine’s day gifts that will make them fall in love with you all over again!

Every spray will remind them of you:

Perfumes never go out of fashion; this is because fragrances are enclosed with captivating and enticing scents that will bring your personality every time you wear them. Hence, it would be best if you always considered this option regarding unique V-day gifts. 

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If it’s for her, you can choose to give her a floral scent; if it’s for him, you can select an oud or woody scent.

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Let that special attire make them feel lucky:

This age-old concept of gifting special attire always wins everyone’s hearts. It holds power to let the other person remember you whenever they wear that outfit. There are lot of brands offering gender fluid fashion, which you can choose from. One perk of this is you can also share this later.

Adidas Valentine’s Day Jacket

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Accessories for that unique soul:

It is said that whenever you gift someone that special ring or necklace, they will permanently preserve it as it binds all those days you have celebrated together. Hence, always pay attention to the power of what accessories can do in your relationship.


Bluestone The Agnit Watch Band

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Other options:

Apart from gifting them special items from their wishlist, you can also choose to make that day special. Here are some options to make them feel special on that very day:

Take them out:

An excellent Italian restaurant will always succeed in making your day a special one. You can make that day more memorable by taking them out to a good cafe or a themed restaurant.

What’s your favourite movie:

You might have always planned a special movie night out. How about you make it happen today? Take them out for the latest movie in the theatre or rent a particular place and convert it into a movie theatre for both of you.

Valentine’s day is a tough day that can either make them remember you for something special or a day they wouldn’t wish they had gone through. Make sure it’s the first option they opt for. Let them know how special they are in your life, and enjoy this day as the one you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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