Trend Spotting-Go for Gravity Defying Structural Attires

As the weather’s turning swiftly, everyone is packing away their heavy winter attires and gearing up for spring summers. This SS/20, the chic and stand-out style is all about gravity-defying structural sleeves and attires.


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With a pleasing retro touch, these perfectly tailored sleeves evoke the inspirations from the runway of AW/19.

Are you worried about what to look for in structural attire? Well! A perfectly tailored dress emphasizing on the upper arm is surely going to elevate your style game in no minutes with minimal efforts.



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Here’s a quick guide to styling your sleeves this spring-summer:

Are you a trendsetter or a fashion diva? Then stop following the herd and look no further because the structural fashion style has plenty of things to offer starting from the sleek futuristic looks to extravagant anti-gravity structures that are surely going to upgrade your style sense and make your wardrobe look extraordinary.

This trend is simply going to sweep you away from basic aesthetics. Many of the designers are now focusing on geometrical and 3-dimensional features to add more depth and enhance the overall look of the clothing designs.

These structural designs are adding to more stars to a designer’s collection with reference to sci-fi and abstract influences taking fashion to another level. This season will bring you a lot of wearable art from corset inspires frocks to sharply structured architectural dresses. These artistic styles are going to mark this season’s biggest trend and for all the fashion connoisseurs it’s going to be an absolute treat for the eyes.

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For women who want to create fashion statements, a wide range of bold, chic and colorful options are already available in the market. You just need to go beyond your comfort zone and widen your perspective and you’ll easily melt with the surroundings being an avid fashionista.  

For the ultra-chic appeal, beautifully tailored outfits in neutrals are available that are hard to refuse and catch everyone’s eyeballs.

This trend of structural patterns and designs is emerging with cutting edge pieces that will melt your heart and you are sure to fall in love with the extravagant design creations. One will also witness the fusion of basic colors with the explosion of structural pieces of designs that are equally visually appealing and sophisticated at the same time.

You can also find subtle tones of beige, black and white with touches of neon or other poppy colors to add a bit of jazz to these elegant outfits.

And for all the ladies who love puffy sleeves, let us assure you that it’s not going to go anywhere. It’s getting much bigger and better this time so you can flaunt it with more pleasure now.


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So whether you’re a person who is minimalist at heart and likes to pick subtle tones and outfits or a maximalist who likes to go beyond the boundaries and make everyone’s head turn, this fashion trend has got you all covered and is here to deliver pieces that fit everyone’s aesthetics and demands.

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