Youtube, it is the telly of our generation, stepping second only to the holy grail – Netflix. Majority of Gen Y’ers spend most of their time online, Youtube definitely cuts a slice into this cake. There are millions of content creators on Youtube, both international and homegrown; even though the algorithm throws up suggestions every day, finding some inspiration can take some hefty search skills and efforts. This is where we step in, we’ve compiled a list of top 3 vloggers in their game, the playing field being Fashion, Beauty and the Lifestyle segments on Youtube. Let’s have a look at who they are:



763k subscribers is not a small feat, oh no! It’s a mighty big number that speaks leaps and bound about the quality of content on her channel. Her playlists include ‘styling body types’– here she talks about what to wear as per one’s body type, ‘transformation’– here she picks key pieces and shows different ways to style it, ‘trends’ – she covers various trends based on the year, the season, the location etc. She’s the ultimate style guru when it comes to the fashion space.


Kia Marie is a badass New Yorker, who is a fierce go-getter. We love her quirky edits and her oh-so-awesome fro! Her lookbooks are a source of inspiration for just about anything – from music festival to minimalist to back to school looks, she’s got it all. What we also absolutely adore are her Thrifted DIY videos!


April is not your run-off-the-mill Youtuber. She’s a vlogger with a purpose – zero waste, full sustainability! Instead of egging you on to buy ten different pieces every week, she shows you tips and tricks to upcycle your old clothes into brand new ones. One for you, and one for mother earth, it’s a win-win situation!



You can call her the make-up maverick, with hundreds of video tutorials coverings almost every kind of make-up look under the sun – bridal, date night makeup, everyday looks and many more. Her adorable British accent and straight-forward approach make the videos much more watchable; we all dislike screechy vloggers over-doing the whole ‘Hi-Guys’ charade.


This 18-year-old dude, yes you read that right,  makes some amazing makeup tutorials out there. His radiant personality shines through from under those wonderful layers of make-up with aplomb. He is right on the buck- amazing makeup looks, with tons of entertainment. It’s a match made in Sephora heaven.


This beauty guru is the answer to all your beauty woes; she covers all bases – reviews, drugstore hauls, two minutes make up tutorials, contouring tutorials and much more. Her relatable style and ease make the process fun and full of playful banter.



Sadia makes your foray into the world of healthy living so much more fun and easier. Her channel is a daily source for some pick me up, healthy living tips and tricks. Her channel is full of yummy vegan recipes, meal prep ideas, minimalism tips and much more. This is one channel you should definitely hit when you need some quick inspiration on your transformation journey.


From tips to organizing your journal, your wardrobe, to your life, this channel has it all! Pastel palettes and the very calm and serene host with rose gold hair will guide you into the exciting journey of maximizing your life with minimum effort. She shares tips that can help you overcome everyday hurdles with a positive outlook and a smile!


This channel should be your go-to for some morning, mid-day or midnight inspiration.  This lifestyle vlogger has a mix of everything you need – life advice, workout tips, healthy recipes, budget planning, meal preps and much more. She’s your everyday life guru in a groovy avatar!

We hope this helps make your life a tad bit easier and getting your everyday fix of inspo as effortless as getting your morning cuppa of coffee. We’ve covered all bases, just so that you don’t have to!

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