Top Affordable Brands to Buy Occasional wear from

The world may wear suits, ties, dresses, and pants on an everyday basis but one factor that separates us from the rest of the world is our colorful unique clothing. During Indian weddings, functions, or festivals we all love to dress up in Indian ethnic wear. Hence it is, was, and will dominate our wardrobe when it comes to special occasions. Today we have come up with top brands that have made festive look affordable for us. The highlight is their unisex collections that will surely surprise you. Its time to give a try to these brands.

These unisex affordable brands have their presence either online as well so you don’t have to worry about finding a shop in your city.

1. Akkriti 

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Akkriti is a sub-brand of the retail giant Pantaloons, one of the best ethnic wear brands in India for women who love wearing indo-western dresses and outfits. Their trendy designs, flattering patterns, and pockets, are rare in ethnic clothing. Akkriti by Pantaloons has diverse ethnic wear options available for both men and women, and all this in a range of sizes, including plus sizes. Whether you want to buy for weddings, functions, or festivals, Akkriti gives timeless and perfect ethnic wear both for men and women no matter what the occasion is.

2. Aurelia 

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Another homegrown brand that brings clothes that has a traditional aura with just a hint of modernity. Aurelia is unisex and deals with a wide variety for both genders. No matter what event it is Auerila is meant to embrace a collection that features soft and vibrant hues. Most of the garments can be identified for their striking prints that can never go wrong.

3. Ethnicity

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Ethnicity as the name suggests is a hub to buy anything to everything. It has a huge collection for men, women, and kids. . One of our homegrown fashion brand in the ethnic wear sector, the brand maintain that fine balance between staying true to our Indian roots and culture. At the same time, it is also experimenting with new-age, contemporary trends to give its customer the best design and quality without any compromise. The brand will surely meet all the festive fashion needs of every Indian customer. One thing that makes them unique is their effortless blend of vintage and new-age in today’s world. We all need ethnicity in our wardrobe to meet our festive vibe. Whether it’s puja, festival, or party in your office you can pick up different style options that blend the traditional and modern aura.

4. Anouk 

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Anouk is the ethnic wear brand by It has gained huge popularity online due to its amazingly wide range of collections. The brand has been further diversified into Anouk core, Anouk Rustic, and Anouk Mirage. Hence the option and ranges available for consumers are many. Young men and women associate Anouk with a brand that stands for grace, elegance, and poise without being overly priced. From kurtas for men to salwar suits to long skirts and sharara, they have it all. The embroideries and embellishments in their outfits can surely make everyone go gaga.

5. Panash

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Panash India is a brand that works equally in clothing for women n men. especially for men, Panash is creating what most brands dream of creating. With its superb and expanded choices, it can be most men’s dream brand that doesn’t restrict you in choices. The wide options serve different occasions. As a unisex brand, their perfect fit Indian wedding outfit, traditional wear, wedding dresses Indian options to everyday Indian wear, they have it all.

6. Bohame 


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Bohame is a Delhi-based fashion brand in India that you can find on many e-commerce platforms. Due to its diverse range of men’s and women’s wear, anyone who can relate to its brand image of being free-spirited individuals with modern sensibilities in fashion & thought can opt for it. What we love about Bohame is their handwoven, use of natural fibers, and fine craftsmanship by using organic cotton, linen, or Khadi. This way they maintain quality & their commitment on creating sustainable fashion. With most of their customer being modern young men & women, their breathable fluid silhouettes, exaggerated sleeves, and fabric embellishments give each piece a bohemian feel. You will feel that you wore Bohame for sure.

If you want to buy these affordable ethnic wear brands then check out their websites. Tell us about your top pick to get the most fabulous, diverse, and finest clothing that is meant to make you look rich without putting a hole in your pocket. Flaunt your matchless personality!

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