The style capital – Paris / On the stylish streets of Pareé

My search for ‘Je ne sais quoi’ began on the streets of Paris. I was all geared up to scour the streets of gay ol’ Pareé for my fashion fix. Was I disappointed? Not by any means! Are the Parisians better dressed? I wouldn’t go as far as to say, they are, than anyone in the world but, they definitely have an allure of their own. Even in minus temperatures, most of them do put a thought or two into their outfit. Now does it come naturally to them? Well, that’s just something we’ll never know!

Here are the top 10 I picked for the purpose of this article, it’s not only the outfit; it is also the aura of the person which made me pick them.


Jiho, Buddhist Monk

There she was, just outside the famous cafe, Shakespeare and Company, smiling radiantly. The smile drew me in first, then the outfit. On asking her, if I could click a picture, she kept on emphasizing she is a Buddhist monk, humbly and naively. That didn’t make her any less amazing!


Sarah – Graphic Designer

I was on my way home (the place I am calling home for my stay) from Bastille (Punk Thrifter’s Heaven), when I chanced upon her. I loved how quirky her outfit and she were! I absolutely love the hair-band and the scarf, bowled over by the two.


Angel – Works in a shop

One snowy day I set out to explore the city and its snow crusted beauty. My destination? Montsouris parc; it’s this beautiful park just 10 minutes from where I stay. I turned around to click a picture of the park and her purple head caught my eye. I love everything about her outfit! What I love the most? The hair of course!


Sulmi Kim, Student

On my way to Belleville, this superb up & coming neighborhood in Paris, I saw her at the metro stop. She looked lost, I think she took the wrong turn and landed on this platform, but, when it came to her sartorial game; she made all the right choices! What’s not to love about this outfit really?


Laurence, Owner of a handbag brand

I got out at Belleville. What I thought was going to be a sunny day, quickly turned into a cold one. On my way to a thrift store for some gloves, I saw her smoking outside a cafe.  Classic Parisian style, head to toe! Love and more love!


Ines, works at a bakery

This time I was lost and gladly so. The neighbourhood had lots of graffiti on the way; beautiful cottages and this girl dressed head to toe in black, sitting on a bench and smoking. What I love about her, is her noir vibes!


Ken, artist & owner of Ken Gallery

What I saw first was, a cat sitting by the window of this cute little art gallery. The owner was across the street on a much needed cigarette and beer break (Yes, the Parisian love their smokes!) How can you miss those awesome velvet pants and that beret? I had to click her!


L to R: Elise, Laurie & Ana – School Students

I was on my way to Paname, a beautiful bar by the Bassin de la Villette to meet a friend and this clique of girls were walking towards me. I liked the ‘current school favourites’ look that these girls adorned. Chinos, a sporty tee or a hoodie and a duffle jacket!


Valerie, Artist

I was working my way laboriously to parc de Belleville, you have to walk up a slope, but the view of the city from up there is worth the efforts. I saw this cacophony of colours buying bread across the street! What I love about the outfit? Everything! I love her bold choice of colours and prints (PS: Most Parisian stick to neutrals and monochromes) and the whole vibe.


L to R Juliet, Photographer & Alexandra Independent Curator

On my way down from the park, I saw a contrast of bohemian and classic on two friends enjoying their coffee and chat on the side of a pavement. I loved how the scarf and beanie add a touch of gypsy to an otherwise classic outfit, and that plait trench is a stunner!

Hope you liked what you saw. Leave us a comment if you want to see more from  the streets of Pareé. Au revoir!

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