Style Mandates: Our Fashion Resolutions For 2016

We are a few days into the New Year, and we hope you’re still on board you’re your resolutions for the months ahead. Along other must-do, my resolutions for the year include a sizeable number of style rules. For one, I plan to stop spending on things I never wear or finding tawdry replacements for my favourites. We put personal experience and tips from style gurus to share with our fashion resolutions for 2016. We promise these are easier to follow than that new diet you are currently on.


I will reorganise and de-clutter If only we had the luxury of a walk-in closet to buy and keep everything we love! Since we don’t, a regular wardrobe purge keeps us content and our closets clean. Toss out anything you don’t like or haven’t worn in a while. Ask yourself if an item makes you happy—for every no, donate or re-sell without mercy.

I will discover my personal style From the colour of an outfit to its cut, each one of us has our favourites. Use these cues to understand and hone your personal style. And don’t waste your hard earned money on pieces that you don’t care for. If pink is your thing, no point looking at beige and brown. Mix and match or try something new, but wear only what cheers you up.


I will try a bolder look Have you been playing safe? Take a daring route this year—experiment with silhouettes and colour, pick floral over solids, leather over woollens, and tassels over borders. A new style, colour, or even an accessory can result in a makeover. If you are stuck in a sartorial rut, seeking professional help will help you discover your style anew.

I will restock my basics Some items are real life savers. Like that pair of elegantly distressed denims for weekends, or a black slim-fit trouser for office. These are pieces you will always need. If you find that black cami or must-have white shirt paling, invest in new ones. These basics can be styled in multiple ways to keep your looks fresh and eye-catching, and will be your fallbacks on just about any fashion emergency.


I will look past the rules As winter and summer trends blur—suede for summer and floral prints in winter—fashion boasts a freethinking attitude in what to wear and when. Silhouettes are more fluid—capes are in and bodycons are passé. Oxfords are the new stilettos. Join the nonconformists and you will find more options and freedom in your person style.

Stick to even a few of these rules and you can be sure of a trendier, savvier 2016. May this year see the best in you. May it show off the best of you.

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