Stay stylish with gorgeous Knits this Winter

The warm sunny days are gone. It is the right time to welcome beautiful cool breezy winter days. The beauty of knits is known to every fashion lady. Even the market is getting stocked up with uncountable knitwear labels. Create super warm yet chic looks with new knitwear.

To help you a little we have come up with some gorgeous knitwear fashion trends that are not only a hit in quality but also in the finish and innovative designs.


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Our first pick is a good textured jumper. It is a super versatile piece. Investing in a single good jumper might solve all your winter needs. It could be your smart office going piece or oversized comfy wear for a relaxing stay at home. If you are going out pair it with leather pants to make it look high street fashion wear. Our favourite pick includes ribbed jumpers in warm spiced hues to every girl’s favourite pastel tones.

Knit dress

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What can be more comfortable and stylish than following trends that involve soft fluffy knits? A long knit dress can never go wrong. It’s the easiest thing to put on without thinking of the bottom wear. They are perfect to fit your party mood or just for a feel-good brunch with your friends. Style it by purchasing an oversized piece. Make it your wardrobe mainstays without any second by pushing the sleeves a little. Go out and don’t forget to nail the fashion influencer look in your cozy knit. Pairing such loose pieces with statement leather boots will amp up the look instantly.


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Knits aren’t limited to just clothes. Winter accessories are hitting the runways and the top accessory for this season is a simple yet gorgeous scarf. It is one of the quickest ways to give your everyday winter wear a new-season lift. From large blanket shape knit scarfs wrapped all-around your neck pastel colors to printed digital motifs on knitted scarfs. They are perfect to snuggle up in during cold autumn days.

A scarf can be wrapped in different ways depending on its style. If the colors are little poppy, wrap it against a neutral sweater. You can also drape any printed knitted scarf like a cape to embrace every inch of the beautiful pattern.

Crop sweater

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Crops furry sweaters are a perfect way to expose a little bit of midriff. Pair it with solid coloured high waist pants to bring more focus on your waist. This is perfect for college going girls who want some chunky cool vibes in her winter dressing. Adding a stylish block heel boot will surely add more of punch to the overall.


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Now comes cardigans, an important outwear to beat the chill cold-weather outside. With time, this classic piece has been interpreted in many new innovative ways. For instance, oversized collars and bold colours with fine detailing on the front. Imagine how beautifully a burnt orange or yellow cardigan will brighten up your gloomy winter days.

Cardigan also gives maximum flexibility to do layering, which is a necessity as well as the hot trend of this season. Create a layered look by putting your a solid coloured cardigan over a floral maxi dress.

Pick up any of your favourite trends and give a complete makeover to your wardrobe with stylish Knits. Don’t forget to keep your fashion quotient high during chilly winters and stay tuned for more styling ideas.

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