Smart Style: 10 Easy Ways to Adopt The Wearable Tech Trend

There’s a new way to be smart. With technology entering our lives in previously unimaginable ways, it’s hardly surprising that fitness trends and wearable tech now set new benchmarks in stylish living. Tech wearables are steadily becoming part of luxe and high-street fashion labels and this year made its mark at New York Fashion Week. We break down the intimidating trend into easy, everyday ideas.

  1. Take your pick of smart watches, from tech giants Apple and Samsung to Pebble and the very minimalist Nevo.

    Apple iWatch

  2. Arrow grabbed headlines earlier this year when they launched the world’s first smart shirt, with an in-built chip on the cuff. Shop Arrow Men’s Smart Shirt.
  3. Spruce it up with wallets embedded with chargers and your go-to tech accessories. You are ready for work!
  4. Smart jewellery is the new accessory of choice for fashion-forward women. On our list— Ringly, Bellabeat Leaf, and Gemio’s light-up bracelet.


  5. Smart bags are having a moment, propelled by Kate Spade and Lisa Perry. From self-charging devices light-up clutches, these arm candies pack a punch.

    Kate Spade for Everpurse

  6. Sportswear is now elevated with sensors embedded into socks, tees, and shorts. Polo by Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Under Armour offer tech wearables. Also look up Lumo, OMsignal, Sensoria, and Athos.
  7. Fitness trackers are the new black, with emerging brands making their mark. Try Moov Now for a host of workouts—running, cycling, training boxing—to track your activity and minimise injuries. And if you like listening to music while working out, you can head to to find the best workout headphones.
  8. Mobile phones practically live with us and are the best bets for fitness tracking. Beginners can start with in-built phone before moving onto smarter innovations.
  9. Sleep trackers and services like sleep training are a great help for efficient snoozing. Our new favourite—the Kokoon headphones which can sense when you need some sleep and adjusts noise in real-time.
  10. New on our lust list is Spectacles by Snapchat, now Snap Inc’s—sunglasses that document photos and videos, while doing do a mean job at making you look spiffy.

We are creatures of a techno-savvy age—tech company leaders are our new role models, social media is our lifeline, and smartphones are watches have set new standards of luxury covetables. Time to join the bandwagon!

Featured image: Sensoria. Images courtesy Amazon India; Apple Press India; Everpurse; MoovNow; Ringly: Sensoria; Snap Inc

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