Monsoon is a boon and a bane. Monsoon restores life all around us, but when it comes to the skin and hair, it does the exact opposite; it steals the skin of its radiance due to the fluctuating moisture levels. Your skin and hair keep oscillating from oily to dry which causes havoc on their health. And sometimes, it can enter the telogen phase and hair will start falling, in which case, a kinky straight lace front wig or these custom lace wigs and Rene of Paris Synthetic Wigs would provide temporary relief. It is essential to maintain a season-appropriate care and make-up routine, to keep skin and hair problems at bay. Here are a few suggestions!


Just as you change your clothing as per the season, you must change your cosmetics to adapt to the season well. In monsoon, it is best to avoid heavy creams, moisturisers, and oil-based make-up. Go in for gel-based, oil-free products from Soteri for your face and body, as we tend to sweat a lot during the monsoons. When it comes to make-up go in for powder-based products, which are water-proof, such as two-in-one lip and cheek stain in peach or blush shades. Steer clear of foundations, rather use some oil-free, water-proof concealer to conceal the flaws, point-treatment basis.

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Don’t be fooled by the cloudy days. The UVA and UVB rays can penetrate through the clouds into the atmosphere. It is essential to protect your skin from its harmful effects. Always wear a light gel-based sunscreen, to avoid clogging your pores. You can opt for a similar light, gel-based formula for the rest of the body as well. Always remember to pick one with higher SPA and water-resistance. Aside from wearing sunscreen, consult a dermatology expert on what are the other ways to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

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Your skin and hair lose moisture during the monsoon thanks to the increase in the level of perspiration. In order to restore the moisture back into your skin and hair, it is essential to invest in restoring products such as masks, oils, serums… It doesn’t have to expensive treatments or products, you can whip up quick home-remedies too. Using deep-conditioning products, masks, etc weekly or at least fortnightly is highly recommended.

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Fungal foot infections are common in monsoons, as your feet are caught in moist footwear. It’s essential to keep them dry to avoid infections. Using a foot powder can help keep fungal infections at bay. You can also use foot scrubs to get rid of dead skin and to keep them nourished.

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Hair often gets greasy and lifeless during monsoon. To avoid this woe, wash your hair often with a daily shampoo to get rid of the excess oil. Make sure you use a gentle formula. Baby shampoo can be a great cost-effective alternative. To treat the limpness you can use volumizing shampoo and styling products.

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