Uniform Act: Ritu Beri Designs The Indian Railways’ New Outfits

Restrictive as dress codes might be, uniformed personnel makes for a spiffy sight. Think luxe hotels and airlines—their staff members’ beauty uniforms aren’t just means for easy identification, but also an aesthetic representation of the brand’s ethos and values. In a bid at reinvention, the Indian Railways has taken this route at reimagining their staff uniform. And you can help them pick the best outfit, all while you are browsing Facebook!

By the end of the year, about five lakh employees of the Indian railways will be seen in new uniforms created by veteran designer Ritu Beri. Having previously created uniforms for Air India, Beri will create a mix of menswear and womenswear inspired by Indian culture for regular workdays and special occasions. She has proposed four themes for the uniform, which the Ministry of Railways has posted for a vote on their social media page(s).

The four themes draw from varied aspects of Indian culture and heritage. While Ethos of India references art forms like Warli, Madhubani, and Kalamkari, the mood board for Vibrant Soul of India is kitschy and colourful. The Golden Period seems inspired from traditional architecture, whereas Legacy of the Nawabs, as the name suggests, draws from a regal theme.

All you have to do is pick your favourite theme and vote for it with the hashtags mentioned in the post. Next time you take the train, the TTE may be wearing a uniform you helped pick for him!

Featured image courtesy Bollywood Color

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