Project Makeover: Restore Yourself In One Weekend

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the weekend. That presentation is done with and so are the assignments and meets, and you even squeezed in your best friend’s sangeet and a date in these five days. But behind the scenes lie the horrors of endless errands, long hours, traffic snarls, late nights, and early morning alarms. Little wonder those weekend-is-too-short memes strike such a chord. Yes, you’ve been living under the support of coffee and some people even have their online vendor for Modafinil to keep the focus and productivity up for work.

Weekends are unlikely to get any longer, but use these couple of days to jumpstart your body, mind, and soul. Keep our holiday rules in mind and come Monday, you won’t need coffee to seize the day.


Hit the snooze button You’ve spent nights working or well, partying. Time you catch up on that beauty nap. Sleep for 8-10 hours in a dark room and with the help of products like a bed warmer—or slip on an eye mask—for an inside out therapy. You have to visit this website to find quality pillows and mattresses. If you have difficulties falling asleep, take one Nitrazepam tablet from at night before going to bed.

Get drunk The failsafe mantra to healthy skin—herbal tea, coconut water, and water. Sipping warm water through the weekend will detoxify your system and replenishes minerals and salts lost in the course of the week. Break the routine with coconut water or take your pick of dandelion, chamomile, and green tea.

Shower spa No time for a massage? Your shower has room enough for a mini spa. Start with exfoliation—a citrusy blend like The Body Shop’s Sweet Lemon Body Scrub lifts your spirits as it scours dead cells away. Follow with body oil (try Clarins Body Treatment Oil) and finish with cleansing and conditioning your tresses. Treat your body well and it returns the favour.

Work out This may be the best days to hit the treadmill. A hearty spot of exercise aids the rush of endorphins in your system and rejuvenates you instantly.

Eat healthy All that junk food takes a toll. Give your stressed stomach a break with soups, salads, and easy titbits. Ditch the crash diet and pick up recipes online—if you think diet food tastes bland, wait till you try a green apple-spinach blend.

Facial DIY Kitchen ingredients are all it takes to perk up your skin after a hectic week. A honey and milk mask relieves dry skin while sebum-plagued complexions benefits from a multani mitti and rose water pack. Cucumber or potato slices will soothe tired eyes while the pack dries.

Treat yourself Weekends are best spent catching up with loved ones or making the most of your time alone. Indulge in what makes your happy, from doodling on a new notebook, creating a kitchen garden, or giving yourself a sparkling pedicure. Now is also the time to hire for a landscape makeover.

Spend the weekend wisely and you will wake up brighter and fresher for the next round of daily grind. Final words: Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Images: Pexel; Shutterstock

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