How to Prep your Accessories in Monsoon

After blistering heat comes relief in most parts of the country, Monsoon has finally arrived and how! While we enjoy the cool breeze, greenery and hot piping tea and pakoras, let’s not forget monsoon comes with some woes of its own. Crazy traffic, water logging, muddy shows, moldy bags etc. Fret not, here’s a list of tips that will help you sail through the season with ease.

Leather & Items


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First and foremost, avoid using leather accessories in Monsoon. However, if you can’t do without it make sure you follow these steps.

  1. Always dry your accessories, wet leather will catch fungus. Hence as soon as you are back indoors, dry them with a cloth and stuff newspaper or toilet paper in your shoes to absorb the moisture. Also if you have walked through mucky waters, ensure you get rid of the mud before you store them
  2. Use a wax based polish on your shoes, and a waterproofing compound for bags and belts. This is the best way to take care of your leather accessories and keep them in good shape.
  3. Store your shoes and bags in shoe bags or a dry cloth and add silica pouches to absorb moisture and to keep them dry. These precautions will help your leather accessories stay in shape longer. Here’s a video tutorial for waterproofing your shoes, but the same can be applied to any leather accessories.


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Monsoon, though maybe good news for us, it’s not such a great news for your jewelry. The moisture attracts dust and causes oxidization of certain metals. Gold and Platinum are neutral methods and hold well during monsoon, however, gold has a tendency to attract dust and hence it is important to clean it with lukewarm soapy water and dry it completely before storing it. Silver oxidizes, you can either use toothpaste and cotton to clean it or get it re-polished from a jeweler once the season is over. Thread and fabric-based jewelry have a risk of the colour runnings. Hence coating it with wax can be a good way to protect it from the rains. Also, store your jewellery’s in fabric-lined jewellery cases or wrap them in muslin before storing them.

Suede Shoes

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Just like leather, suede is another material that requires special care during monsoons, our advise is to skip wearing suede shoes in this season and to store them using shoe bags with a moisture repellent spray and silica bags, however if you are to use it, you can follow this wiki-how link for a complete low down on how to take care of your suede during rainy months.

Canvas Shoes & Bags

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This one is easy-peasy, just get some transparent candles from any local store, if the item is premium use beeswax instead of candles; rub them all over your shoes and bags, run a hot hair blower over them until the wax melts into the fabric and voila, they are monsoon ready. Also, most canvas shoes come with white edges, to keep them clean through the monsoon simply use white toothpaste, brush and start cleaning as you would brush your teeth, once done wipe it off with wet wipes or damp cloth to clean the edges.


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Your gadgets need special protection during monsoon. To protect your phone put them in a good quality zip log bag or invest in a waterproof casing for the season. Get a waterproof silicone case for your laptops and tablets, also as added safety, get protected covers for your motherboard and keyboard so that the moisture does not seep in. Last but not the least, get good quality waterproof bags to carry your electronics. Get waterproof covering for your bag when during a heavy downpour for extra protection.


Now that you have taken care of your accessories, here are some miscellaneous tips and tricks that you can use during monsoon. To get rid of stinky footwear, clean it with toilet paper to get the moisture out, next spray it with liquid sanitizer and perfume, next add silica or tea-bags to absorb any remaining moisture from the footwear. You can also sprinkle some talc to keep it fresh and dry.

Put dry Neem leaves or naphthalene balls in your drawers to avoid mold.

We hope you will use these tips and tricks to make most of this season and splash your way through it.

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