Post Pandemic Trend-Clothing items that became the ‘IT’

Think as a trendsetter always!

With the Covid-19 wave hitting us hard, it became difficult to overcome the shake that we all have faced in the fashion industry. Lockdown gave us a break to contemplate and come up with new fashion trends. The trend follows the language of minimalist clothing, yet gives the vibe of elegance. 

Here’s what you need to change in your wardrobe post-pandemic-

Boyfriend jeans

We all thought it was supposed to be a 90s thing. However, now if you look around, everyone is looking for comfort. Nothing else but boyfriend jeans is the most comforting thing you can have in your wardrobe. Enjoy the flavors of true denim with the softest feels and smooth touch. That is sure to fetch you some compliments.

Zara Vintage Boyfriend Jeans

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Roadster Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

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How to pair these jeans?

You can pair up your boyfriend’s jeans with a tight crop top that gives the perfect shape to your body! If you’re looking out for something casual, then go ahead with a loose crop shirt. Avoid wearing something long with this pair of jeans, if you want to stay in the world of classy fashion.


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Don’t forget to wear heels or white shoes (as per your occasion) along with minimal accessories. 

The one with the long dress

Zara Linen Dress

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Here & Now Striped Maxi Dress

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Combining the ultimate comfort with cozy warmth is the goal of every trend. Simplicity and elegance characterize long dresses in our fashion industry. While they make you stay high on the fashion radar, it gives the comfort that you have always been looking for. You can wear it at parties, the office, or a casual day out! This dress goes with every language of fashion.

Pair it up with shoes if going for a casual outing. Or give your special night a shot with a long piece of the dress along with heels. Accessorize it with studs and a pair of watch.

Sports bra

Puma Training Bra

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H&M Sports Bra

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Stay focused and comfortable all day long with a sports bra. They give the full support and comfort you have been looking for all day long! Easy to wear. These bras are breathable and goes with every casual outfit you have been dreaming of. 


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The best part is, with changing trends came an upgrade here too! Now you can also buy a sports bra with stylish straps that can go with your crop or backless tops too. You can gain the perfect casual look by choosing this bra over any other.


Skip the efforts of planning your outfit of the day, and pick a jumpsuit for an effortlessly chic look. A versatile piece that brings comfort and softness to your daily wear. Pair it with heeled shoes for a charming look.

Zara Belted Playsuit

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H&M Short Sleeved Jumpsuit

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InWeave Tie Dye Jumpsuit

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In conclusion, we are the makers of the trend. We are back to that time when comfort was given priority over any other thing. Loose fits are the new black, and let’s sustain it for some time. The unique bit of this trend is- it amalgamates comfort with elegance.

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