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Plus 2 Clothing is a brand that designs stylish & functional clothes specifically for taller men. This tall clothing specialist label, originates from Australia, but is available worldwide, through their website. We spoke to the co-owner of Plus 2 Clothing, Steve Rogers about his brand and about “tall” fashion.
When & how did you get the idea to launch Plus 2 Clothing, for tall men?
Myself and my business partner Josh came up with the idea for Plus 2 back in 2014. We’re both tall ourselves and were fed up of the lack of clothing options for ourselves. One day (after a couple of beers) we decided we would have a shot at design our own cut of t-shirt that would be suited to taller guys. At the time, neither of us had any experience designing or sewing clothing so it did take a few attempts to get it right, but the initial challenge made it all the more exciting for us.
 Some of the legends who support Plus 2 Clothing

Fashion wise, what is the main challenge that taller men face?
Most labels offer larger sizes such as XXL but the problem with these is that they are bigger in both height and width, where as taller people (such as ourselves) are often slim/athletic builds so these garments are generally too baggy. This is definitely the case with pants too. We have to go for bigger sizes so that the leg length is long enough, usually meaning the waistline is too big.
 What has the response been to your brand, from tall men? Any interesting story in particular?
We’re an Australian brand and there is certainly no lack of tall guys here so we’ve had a great response. One story that comes to mind was meeting up with Australia’s tallest man Kewal Shiels (223cm) for a coffee and chatting to him about the problems us vertically gifted guys face when it comes to shopping. We gave him a few samples and he was absolutely wrapped with the fit and continues to wear our clothing.
 Australias tallest man
Which tall celebrity, do you think has an excellent sense of style?
One that comes to mind is NBA player Tyson Chandler. He’s over 7ft which is really tall and some how manages to always be rocking clothing styles that suit his longer body type
To which countries do you ship the Plus 2 Clothing line?
We now ship worldwide. All our orders ship from Australia and we’ve had orders sent to places like the UK and USA within a number of days so it’s also very fast.
 What are your style tips for tall men, who want to create a wardrobe that will stand the test of time?
Firstly to make sure you try the item on or check the sizing guide to make sure it’s definitely going to fit your body type. This sounds pretty obvious but you also need to take in to account that a lot of clothing will shrink a small amount when washed which for tall guys can be a particularly annoying problem. Some other tips would be to choose higher top shoes (this helps if the pants you like are not quite long enough), wear outer-coats (as these are usually longer by nature) and if you really like a clothing piece that you think will not reach your waistline such as a bomber jacket/shorter t-shirt – try layering with a longline/under t-shirt below.
How do you approach your design process, for each season?
Most of our designs are quite classic and minimalist as we like them to stand the test of time. Having said that we do also release limited edition prints/styles each season that draw inspiration from streetwear. We like to try do things a bit different and normally this means scouring the internet for up and coming artists that we are liking and collaborating with them on new designs.
 Tell us something about the current collection
It’s currently towards the end of winter in the southern hemisphere so we’re kind of wrapping up our winter collection of tall hoodies and now about to release our spring/summer collection which will feature a lot more t-shirts, tank tops, sunglasses and hats.
Which are your top 5 favorite pieces from your line?
My personal favourite item we have is the classic cut tall tee in army green. I find it easy to pair with anything and think we really nailed the colour. Besides that our current range hoodies are really comfy so I have a few of them in my rotation such as the armband one, tan, and the burgundy one. I’m also still wearing some of our singlets from last summer but unfortunately they are no longer available online.
What can we see next from Plus 2 Clothing?
We’re currently working on a lot of collaborations with local and international artists that will be dropping within the next month. We are also working on a range of pants that will feature a longer leg to suit our taller shoppers.
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