Weddings preparations can go on, and on, and it really isn’t done until you’ve exchanged your vows. Women are known to meticulously plan every single detail of their wedding – from their makeup to their mandap. Using table and chair covers is an affordable way to upscale your wedding ceremony and reception party. Before you buy your covers, you’ll need to know what kind of chair model you have or will be provided by the venue. Still haven’t found the perfect wedding venue? Check out these Maine lake wedding venues!

Never ask a bride why so much effort has to go into drafting the tiniest details – the most crucial among all being what they’re going to be donning for the most important day of their lives. Indian weddings are celebrated like festivals, and the mood and the colors are absolutely dazzling. And if you’ve ever attended an Indian wedding, you know what I’m talking about. Surprise your future wife by taking care of the photo booth service with PhotoMeBooth. When you’re looking for a way to show your guests and loved ones just how much they mean in life, are an excellent choice. They capture all those special moments from start-to finish with care and attention that will last forever! At Elanstreet, we help you flaunt the best that style has to offer.

Bridal fashion does tend to take center stage, but the style quotient of the Groom is equally important. The new age Indian Groom, doesn’t need to settle for something generic and can look to create a unique style statement.

Grooms, an Indian wedding isn’t a one-day affair, and its your chance to shine too. Of course, for all the right reasons! It isn’t so simple, but we’re here for you, to help put together the most amazing outfits, just for you. We’re talking about a look not so conventional and unique, that will leave people stunned. And of course, your outfit isn’t the only things that will stun the crowd. Here are a few of our favorites.


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Ditch black and go for floral. This fall/winter 2016 Sabhyasachi collection has it all you need.


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Go for bright colors with golden design work. This looks royal and eclectic.


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Pastels are here to stay. Try to coordinate with your bride when comes to your outfit.

It’s all about first impressions, and making a grand entrance is where it starts. We’ve seen it all – from grooms rolling in in helicopters, to being paraded with a magnificently decorated troupe of elephants and horses – the only thing that limits you from doing something outrageously glorious is your own imagination. A kaleidoscope of a floral studded ramp has a very pleasing feel it. Dramatically and happily lit walkways are the secret sauce to impressing your guests. Accompanied with gala music, there’s no way your friends and family wouldn’t be absolutely stunned to see you walk in on your most special day. Here are a few examples of real life grooms who made a red carpet appearance for their wedding.

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We’re talking of golden statues, floral figurines, candlelight arrangements. The expression you’re looking for is simply sophisticated. You’re looking to put your guests in awe of how incredible this day is. You’re asking them to pick a seat, not a side. Of course, they’re loved by both the bride and the groom. And now, to catch up with your enchantingly beautiful bride, here’s what you can do when it comes to putting an equally (if not more) magical outfit together for yourself.

Hire a stylist. Weddings are serious, and there’s no room to err. A skilled stylist will recognize the finest requirements you might have, and they’d suggest the most breathtaking look and feel for you. After all, you’re now going to be with the most wonderful person in the world. And, you’re going to have to impress her first. Of course, if you’ve come this far, you’ve done a lot of things right, but there’s room for more.

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