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Everything looks better in black and white, and we aren’t just daydreaming of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck when we say this. The monochrome colour palette has been a recurring motif in 20th century fashion, from Coco Chanel’s understated elegance to the mod looks of the Sixties, and more recently among the social media style icons brigade. The monochromatic look is classic and simultaneously contemporary—it’s minimalist yet arresting, safe yet edgy. This season, the monochromatic trend is influenced by diverse trends. Black and white dominate Remanika’s AW’15 collection with visible nods to sports luxe and the Seventies—from little black dresses for date night to basic stripes, there’s something for everyone in the two-toned duo. Go head to toe black and white, punctuating the look with metallic accents or a single shot of colour. Think a bright red lip for a Mad Men-esque appeal or a cobalt blue jacket to channel some street style star vibe.l


Images: Chalk Studio; FCUK; H&M Press; PR Shots; Remanika; StalkBuyLove; Zara.

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