Your first impression is a wonderful opportunity to present the best version of yourself as a man. It’s an experience for personal growth, where each first impression made can lead you towards self-acceptance, self-appreciation and positive self-worth.A good first impression can cement your reputation as gentleman and today I will take you through, the ways to do just that.Your clothing alone does not define you, but also your honesty, behavior and mannerisms play an equal part in creating a lasting impression.

You can create that perfect & positive, “moment of truth” through your clothing and chivalry.

Here are the ways to make a great first impression with your clothing.

Remember all you men aren’t cut from the same cloth. Look for clothing styles that will naturally accommodate your body type and any specific body variations. Dress the body you are living in now- today, not the body you could have a month later.

A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence. Select and combine the pieces in terms of the activity, occasion, mood, values and personality they communicate .

Next is to command respect with your appearance, by looking respectable. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Clothes if worn properly can make you look like a million bucks. You can look like a loser in the most luxurious and expensive suit or you can simply make people go aha- in a plain tshirt. Wear your clothes with pride and confidence, without being cocky. Belong to each and every garment you wear. Avoid talking about the brand you are wearing, instead communicate class with your own personality.

Avoid dressing like a teenager. Baggy clothing, pants worn low on the hips, look unkempt and immature. Never wear different patterns together (for example wearing checks & stripes shouldn’t be worn together), don’t pair socks with sandals, no tight fit t-shirts, sunglasses worn at night or indoors, are a big NO. Always abide by the dress codes and remember to avoid flashy fashion statements.

Your shoes say a lot about you, so choose your footwear with care. It is not about how expensive your shoes are, it is all about wearing the right shoe at the right occasion. Oddly shaped dress shoes and very pointy shoes are a complete NO. Never pair your sport socks with your dress shoes or vice versa. Never wear running shoes for casual looks or on a well tailored suit.

ACTS OF CHIVALRY… be a knight in shining armour

A chivalrous man who comes to the rescue of a woman in difficult situations, can be called a Knight in shining armour. Do they exist in today’s modern world ? Or they are simply very old school and just a part of history. Well chivalry isn’t dead today. Its just that the word ‘chivalry’ is not often heard today and a lot of people don’t know what it means. Chivalry is a matter of choice to a gentleman and should be as natural as breathing.

The new gentleman should perform these acts for the right reasons, right time and right occasions.


A gentleman makes a woman feel safe & comfortable:Image Source

When you greet the other person, look into the eyes. Its important to know the importance of looking the other person in the eye.

While talking keep a refined tone of voice and refrain yourself from using harsh words. It’s better to keep you conversations polite, while speaking slowly. Keep your voice low while talking on the phone in public and if the call is important excuse yourself or request the caller to call back later.

Be patient, listen to what the other person has to say. Be a good listener. Be selfless while having a conversation and its always appreciated when a man takes the time, try to know the person he’s talking to.

Never embarrass or insult the other person in public. Any disagreements should be discussed in private or simply avoid out of line comments.

As a gentleman, you should always offer to help a lady with her bags and there is no harm in sharing her baggage load.

If you are with a woman, always hold the door for her, not because she may not know how to turn the door knob or because she may be physically weak, but because you are a gentleman. Not just for a woman, but if you are walking ahead and see somebody behind you with hands full, always offer to open the door.


Opening the door for a lady makes you a gentleman: Image Source

Whenever convenient, make sure you pull out the chair for the woman when in a restaurant or simply allow her to be seated. If you see no seats in the train/bus and you see a woman, a pregnant lady, an elderly person or anyone else you feel is worthy of respect, waiting for a seat, offer your seat. Its a great sign of respect and an endorsement of your perfectly groomed personality.


Helping a woman with her chair in a restaurant is very chivalrous: Image Source

Always offer to drop your woman at her destination first. Act responsible and do not leave her in the middle of the way, just because finding a parking space would be difficult for you or you would get home late. When you decide to drop her first, it shows you are putting an effort by protecting her and making her feel safe.

Offer to walk on the street side of the sidewalk. If you have to walk through a crowded area make sure you protect her, as she makes her way through the place. Let her walk ahead of you, create a protective shield, with your arms if & when required.

As a gentleman, you should hold an umbrella over a lady, child or elderly person. when it rains, and should not mind getting a little wet, no matter who you are.


Simple things like opening a car door like Kanye West does for Kim Kardashian, is an easy way to make a great impression :Image Source

Never ever man handle a woman. Don’t push her in another direction by using your man strength, don’t shove her away, don’t grab her like she was a rag doll. Respect her body. Avoid inappropriate touches in public. Never treat her rough. All these reason would be enough to drive her away from you and disrespect you. Use your strength to protect her instead. A gentleman will never find an excuse to mistreat or even hit a woman…no matter what.

If she is wearing a long dress or high heels, walk behind her while climbing a staircase, she could trip on the dress or tumble down the staircase. On the other hand she may request you to walk ahead of her if she is wearing a short dress, or else you could simply climb the staircase by walking behind her to avoid unnecessary glances.


President Obama saves his wife Michelle’s skirt from blowing in the wind: Image Source

Help her in and out of the car to protect her from unpleasant stares. If she is wearing a long dress , and if you open a car door for her, she will not have to struggle and drop her dress in the dirt.

In these modern times, a little old -fashioned chivalry will give any man an edge while making an impression. Chivalry represents a thoughtful and strong character that is bereft of ego.

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