To all the fashion lovers out there, who fantasise clothes, catwalks and all things fashion. We share the same trend- spotting interest just like you. That’s when we wondered, is our love fashion only for the clothes or the set designs too? All that hours of dedication that go behind every set. Each season designers ensure the best of runway fashion, we don’t just mean clothes, we mean the backdrop, the music and hey the front row attendees as well! It’s all perfect, designers don’t just want us to witness the clothes but live a dream during the show. So we thought why not go down the memory lane and cherish the best fashion history ever made? Let’s relive some of the best sets ever created!


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This show was nothing less of a musical; Chanel’s 2008 A/W show in Paris stole hearts. A carousel with models doing their thing, and the iconic Chanel pearls enhanced all around the set. This was a true Chanel masterpiece, so alluring and such a smart way to have your models moving in a rotating carousel for a show.


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FENDI was set to create fashion history in a historical place to celebrate their 90th year. A remarkable stage was setup in Rome’s famous Trevi fountain. Models’ walking on a ramp created of glass, on water fountain was the highlight of the show. The Roman structure with a fountain stunned the onlookers and celebrities attending the show. It was truly a big FENDI moment.


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The most recent Jacquemus show is a big treat to all the fashionistas, we mean for the love of lavender field, how can one not love it? The catwalk occurred right in the middle of a lavender field with a bright purple long carpet and all the breezy outfits to match the theme. We’d like to call this unreal but hey it happened.


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Yet another favourite, in the history of runways Chanel holds many such historic ones. An artificial beach with ocean and lifeguards, only Karl Lagerfeld could come up with such a masterpiece of a show. The audience were stunned to witness this and the models walking bare foot in the sand and the ocean, all created to match the mood of the collection. 

These were some of our favourite runways, to name a few more The Chanel Paris-Bombay, 2011 show with guests feasting like the royals with an enormous royal spread of food and fashion, just like the maharajas of India. Oh, we cannot miss out the super market set up of Chanel, 2014 show. Like we already mentioned there’s been many on our runway list, but Chanel tops it! Got a favourite? Share it with us we’d love to hear from you! To many more iconic runways, Cheers!

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