The Luscious Leo

Courageous, spontaneous & confident, its the Leo season to shine or roar.  Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo are the social butterflies known to be loyal, generous and driven by desire to be loved.

A Leo loves to be in the limelight and craves  attention. They are often known to make careers in performing arts.  They love all things luxurious and are attracted to rare, exclusive and designer pieces. They are huge fans of animal prints and love big, bold jewelry and patters. Leos use fashion to express their mood and personality.

For a Leo woman, her public persona is of paramount importance, adding attitude to her style. She loves luxury and her handbag is always full of expensive creams and perfumes. Cashmere and silk are her favorite fabrics and she loves accessories, especially diamonds, that stands out.

The Leo man, is always obsessed with his hair. If the hair is not right, its a bad day for him. Leo men are like peacocks and they love colors. They are creative dressers and love layering. They aways project the image of who they are, in what they wear and often dress according to their profession. They love to portray an ‘intelligent man’ look.

Not completely sure of your style as a Leo? Or need to find a gift for you Leo friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Leo Man

The Leo Woman

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