How to lose weight post quarantine period

In the last few months, our life-style has been changed absolutely. More or less everybody is affected by this pandemic. During the long quarantine period, your daily routine got hampered. You had to manage your office hours with work-from-home, online classes of the child, and yes off course, all the house-hold works. Not only have that, collecting groceries and vegetables in this lock-down period a real headache. You always need to take care of the hygiene and health of every family member. Stress is very much natural during this global crisis. And it directly causes your poor diet and weight gain. Believe it or not, you are not the only one who is losing shape.

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But it’s not right to ignore your weight gain. It may further cause complications to the heart or anything else. Even mental health is directly related to physical health. So, you need proper planning for weight loss after or during the quarantine period. For some individuals, they choose to have weight loss surgery in London for the fastest way to lose weight, but before they undergo the surgery, advice and a diet plan will be discussed by the professional.

Weight loss is not possible in over-night; rather a process of making healthy habits. Fortunately, sites like can help you get a head start.

We can divide the process into three following steps:

Step: One

Make a healthy routine

Time management for every day is very important. Try to make a schedule for your works for a whole day to manage your time and better concentration. It will help to reduce your stress. Also, follow:

  • Set alarm on the clock and Wake up every day at the same time.

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  • Try to do one work at a time.
  • Avoid late-night work and assure having enough sleep.
  • Don’t use the phone or laptop at least for one hour before sleep; it assures you a rest full sleep.
  • Maintain social distancing, not mental. So spent quality time with family and friends, play at non-UK slot sites to reduce stress levels. 

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  • And stick to a plan; don’t jump over experimenting things randomly.
  • Listen to good music, read inspirational books, watch good content to switch off tension.

Step: Two

Change food habit

During this unwanted messy quarantine period, out of frustration, we all adopt a bad eating habit. Whether it is extra cheese, sugar added desserts, or unnecessary amount to avoid wastage. Let’s make a list to follow:

  • Start a day with a glass of warm water adding lemon and honey to detoxicate your body.
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Install one of these DROP systems to help ensure that your drinking water is clean and safe.

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  • Don’t skip breakfast and have dinner before 8 p.m.

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  • Shop only what you need and cut down extra carbohydrates and fatty items.

If you’re struggling with binge-eating, Monte Nido West Linn offers state-of-the-art, evidenced-based residential programming for eating disorders and co-occurring presentations.

Step: Three

Early morning workout

All the above habits will improve your digestive system which is the key to weight-loss. Along with that, you need to burn extra pounds. But as the situation may not permit you to go out for the gym, you should make space for at least 20 minutes’ workout in your daily schedule.

  • Do cardio to improve metabolic rates, like- running, jogging, walking, or cycling.
  • Do weight lifting to maintain muscles. You can buy a pair of 5-pounds dumbbells.

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  • Do freehand exercise, like- planks, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, leg-rises, crunches, etc.

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  • Yoga is very much effective for both mental and physical health. Do yoga every day with proper guidance. You can join an online yoga class too.

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We all need to grow a hard-immunity to survive in this new normal world. So, lose weight, stay fit, and be happy.

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