The Goddess of Scales : Libra


When the sun transits on the scales, and the days and nights are equal and fair, we know it’s the time of Librans. Kind, Romantic and Diplomatic, born between 23rd September and 22nd October, Libras are also peaceful and fair.

Among all the Zodiac signs, Libra is the one that symbolizes balance. Their ability to stand out and balance the situation is very much evident, when it comes to fashion. Their wardrobe is a balance of all the Classics, as well as wild pieces. When it comes to colours, Librans tend to get drawn towards colours like blue or cream ivory. Librans stay away from bold and heavy prints; they shop florals, and abstract shapes are likely to have a home on their hangers.

Librans are few millennia ahead in fashion. We can always see libra women dressed in draped silk tunic tops, softly draped pencil skirts, comfortable peep-toe wedges and chandelier or delicate accessories. They love their heels and you will hardly find them without it.

Libra man, with his good looks, sweet smile and always kind words is a Charmer of the zodiac. He will look after his clothes and yours too. He is naturally attuned to fashion and knows what looks good on him.

Not completely sure of your style as a Libra? Or need to find a gift for your Libra friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Libra Woman

The Libra Man

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