Talk about fashion in T.V series and, Sex and the City tops the list. Sex and the City is a famous Romantic-drama T.V series and movie that revolves around the life of Carrie Bradshaw (protagonist) and her 3 girlfriends, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Just as the show name suggests, this series is about a famous columnist Carrie Bradshaw, whose column goes by the name ‘Sex and the City’ Carrie’s column is popular amongst women, for she talks all about, love, sexuality, fashion, and more with a strong feminine point of view. Of course, Carrie’s column makes her a popular New Yorker but she’s also the glitterati of all the top-notch parties, recognized for her fabulous fashion and style.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda come from different places in terms of their professional backgrounds but are 4 successful women who confide and stand by each other with their modern social problems and love life. When the nature of each character is different, the fashion taste of each lady stands different too. For every Sex and the City show fan, here’s a flashback for our love for Prada, Louboutin’s, Blahnik’s, Anine Bing Tee‘s and all things designer spotted on the show.


  • Carrie Bradshaw 

Carrie is the fashion guru ladies look up to. Her admirable fashion sense and her eye for luxury designs make her the A-list New Yorker at every party. We love Carrie Bradshaw even more, for she openly talks about modern-day women’s problems about love, sex, relationships, and life. If you’re in love with designer labels like Carrie Bradshaw, you don’t always have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for brand new items. You have the option to order pre-loved items from a luxury consignment shop like CSD.


  • Samantha Jones


Samantha is the oldest of the four women but also the most carefree in terms of relationships. She’s a successful independent lady with a career in PR who is bold, and outspoken. Samantha’s nature is a clear reflection of her style too, bold, sexy, and confident.


  • Charlotte York 


Charlotte is the perfectionist, the hopeless romantic who’s looking to settle down in a relationship and marry the man of her dreams. Charlotte, a former model during her teen days evolves to have a successful art history career. Charlotte’s fashion sense is pure classy and sophisticated, her style is graceful and ladylike.


  • Miranda Hobbes 


Miranda is an extremely career-driven woman, a lawyer by profession. Amongst the 4 ladies, she’s the less fashion-driven, fashionable in other terms but not completely into it like the other ladies. Her style is still relatable, as she’s mostly dressed in sharp formals and breezy printed casual dresses.

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