How To Declutter Your Wardrobe For Diwali

Diwali is the ‘it’ season for cleaning and this is the time even our inner procrastinator can’t stop us, but why do we do this? It’s simple we’re making room for what fits us and giving away that doesn’t serve us anymore. If you don’t have the time to clean any part of your home, you can always employ professionals like Modern Maids Cleaning.

Most of our wardrobes have, clothes with tags, clothes that don’t fit, clothes that are not our style, and fact has it; if you haven’t used a clothing item in a year you’re never going to use it! Decluttering can be really stressful but here are some simple steps that could to make it easy –

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Step 1 – Clean one section at a time, Bring out all the clothes from that section. Ex – if you’re doing your casual wear make sure you’re completing this before moving on to the next one.

Step 2 – Segregate all your clothes into 3 sections KEEP, TOSS or DONATE and RECYCLE.  This way you’re going to be so clear in your head what to have and what to give away without feeling guilty about it.

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‘KEEP’ section is self explanatory, you only keep what you wear regularly, the ones that fit you well. You even keep those expensive buys, which you save for your special occasions.

‘TOSS or DONATE’, this section exists in all our wardrobes, but we hate to admit about it. Why? Simply because we are so guilty for not wearing these clothes for months, because it doesn’t suit us anymore or it is too tight or too loose to fit in.  Keep ‘em aside.

‘RECYCLE’, this section is for the clothes that you know you’re never going to wear, they are worn out and you know it doesn’t stand a chance to stay anymore.

Now that you’ve segregated what do you do now? Simple,

STEP 3 – The ‘KEEP’ section gets to stay in your wardrobe. See if it needs, refolding or ironing, get that done. Now arrange all the clothes section wise (pants, shirts) in an orderly fashion from light to dark shade or in an order of clothes that you use more. Pro tip – Keep your delicates in the bottom or in a safe place to avoid crumpling. Once done, keep them back in your wardrobe.

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STEP 4 – The ‘TOSS or DONATE’ section is for all those clothes you don’t use anymore, ask yourself is it just a few inches to fit into them will you wear soon or can it be changed by alteration? Toss these clothes back inside if you answer yes, the rest, Make use of this opportunity pass it to your sibling who would be happy to use it, or even better, donate it to a charity. Yes, it’s Diwali and everybody likes to receive gifts so do not hesitate donating.

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STEP 5 – The ‘RECYLCE’ section, are for the clothes that are torn or worn-out. You might think there’s not much you could do about it but you can use it to your advantage, with store recycling scheme by H and M, which offers you a 10% discount in return of clothes.  Make sure you’re not giving out torn clothes to a charity because you wouldn’t wear them yourself right?

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Now, you have a wardrobe free of guilt and more space for the new things to come. Happy Eco friendly Diwali to you!

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