BLAST FROM THE PAST – 1990’s Fashion

The 1990’s is called the vintage era, there’s no good explanation to why it is the vintage and not retro but we assume it is because of the recent time gap from then to now. This era gave us some iconic sitcoms and music artists that are still popular with us today. If you had to imagine the 90’s then there’s no better reference we could give you than the famous TV show FRIENDS, the iconic POP band, Spice Girls and the fashion guru Carrie Shaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex and the City. Let’s dive into the all time famous trends of the 90’s.


Sarah Jessica Parker in a slip dress at the Vogue Fashion Awards in New York, 1997

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Slip dresses were very famously seen on the red carpet in the 90’s but even today it makes a swift comeback with no rules, you could wear a slip dress to a party or just make a statement on the streets, wear it with sneakers or put on a jacket over it you can make the maximum impact with this minimal style. Slip dress have made history in the 90’s and it is difficult to choose just one iconic slip dress moment, but since Kate Moss is considered the queen of this style here’s a sheer slip dress moment that can never be forgotten.


Jennifer Aniston in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series

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Plaid skirts looked young and fresh in the 90’s and now they’re making a come back again. The plaid skirts were often worn with matching plaid blazers. The famous yellow plaid outfit worn by Cher Horowitz has been given a modern spin to match to our style today and that’s why this trend made it to our top trends list. What’s not to love about a trend that reboots and makes a comeback? Below is an image of Rachel Green aka Jennifer Aniston in a mini tartan skirt and high neck sweater as seen on the sitcom, FRIENDS.


Naomi Campbell

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Leopard prints were everywhere from coats to dresses to scarves, you could not go wrong with this print in the 1990’s era. A bold yet classy print, it made its footprints on the fashion history of the 1990’s. The rage for this trend was so much that you could spot an animal print look on almost every fashion magazine. Below is an image of Naomi Campbell striking a pose in her all leopard print look for an editorial magazine.


Versace Spring 1996 ready-to-wear show

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No 90’s trends list is complete without this trend, the savage neon colours. It is said to appear on the runway in Versace’s show, 1996 and became a very popular trend among the youth since then. Neon colours were often spotted in athleisure outfits in the 90’s and now we know how our current athleisure fashion is inspired from.

With this article on 1990’s era, our ‘Blast from the Past’ series comes to an end. It’s interesting to know where your trends come from, because history repeats itself and fashion history repeats itself on a loop. We’re going to talk more on athleisure style in our next article so hang in there, until next time, xx!

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